Dinner Party Menu – Do It Yourself Burgers



Last Friday night we had friends over for dinner. I was in a bit on an inspiration rut, and tired of making the same dishes when we entertain. One of the tricky things about being a vegetarian is finding meals that everyone is happy to eat – some people think it’s not a meal unless there is meat involved! I find it easier to serve food that is easily adaptable – I can either add meat at the last minute, or serve a vegetarian alternative.

For our latest dinner party I decided on do it yourself burgers. It was perfect for a relaxed Friday night, and meant that everybody could have what they wanted for dinner. I bought a variety of meats, fillings and buns to choose from and put them on the table so our guests could share.


I also made hand cut fries from sweet potato and regular potato (peel and cut to desired size, boil in saucepan until soft enough to pierce with a fork, put on baking tray and sprinkle with olive oil and a little salt, then bake in a 180 degree Celcius oven until brown).

Meat/Meat Substitutes

– Chicken breast (marinate in your favourite sauce if you wish)

– Kangaroo

– Angus beef

– Vegetarian patty (from the cold section of the supermarket, or a homemade patty with chickpeas and vegetables)


– Lettuce (I use a restaurant blend from Coles – just wash well and serve)

– Cucumber

– Snow peas

– Tomato

– Capsicum (I love red or yellow as it’s so sweet)

– Beetroot

– Mushroom


– Cheese

– Pineapple


– Aoli

– Tomato

– Barbecue

– Sweet chilli


– Sourdough

– Baps (the flat hamburger buns)

– Seeded

– Multigrain

I know this seems like a very simple idea (and maybe a bit of a no-brainer!), but it’s a fun idea for a casual Summer dinner party with good friends. The other thing I love about it, is that it is a lot healthier than buying take away. The burgers and chips aren’t greasy, and you could have a burger without a bun if you wished. You are really only limited by your imagination!

What are your favourite burger fillings? Does beetroot belong on a burger?


One thought on “Dinner Party Menu – Do It Yourself Burgers

  1. We love making burgers and I’ve done this when we’ve had friends over for dinner too. There’s something so fun, relaxed and interactive about it – it’s great! There is an amazing burger joint right near our house and they have weekly specials. Just the other week, they had a burger with onion rings in it. I died and went to burger heaven!

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