Four Ways to Take 10, 000 Steps a Day

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The title of this post might seem like a silly one – ‘Just walk, Sarah!’ would be the obvious answer. I am currently taking part in the CARE Australia Walk in Her Shoes challenge. You can read all about it here. This week, I am walking 10, 000 steps per day to raise money for projects supporting women and girls in Africa. At the conclusion of the seven days I will have walked 50kms. Some women walk this distance multiple times a week to collect water, firewood or food – items we can easily access and therefore take for granted in the Western world. As they are walking to procure items necessary to live, they often miss out on important opportunities such as education and employment. If you would like to sponsor me (I would be so grateful) you can do so here. Every dollar counts!

While my job is reasonably active, I average around 7000 steps moving around during the day. On days I am at home, sitting down to work, or playing stationary games with the small ones it is a lot less. I feel incredibly lucky that I have to think of extra ways to move, as it means that I have easy access to all the things I need. During the Walk in Her Shoes Challenge, I have been viewing videos showing what life is like for women in other countries. CARE Australia have been working hard to install water bores and taps so people can have easy access to clean water. Hopefully through their (and other charities) hard work, someday soon these women and children will be able to walk and move for pleasure and exercise rather than out of necessity.

Like me, you may want to move and exercise more for your health, and maybe even to raise some money too. There are so many charity walks and initiatives involving exercise now, that it is easy to find one that suits you. Here are three ways that you can help you integrate more movement into your day.

Four Ways to Take 10, 000 Steps a Day

Just Dance – The easiest way I have found to get extra steps up is to move to music. Having a lounge room dance party, or dance around while you’re making dinner (just watch your fingers when chopping veggies!). By having the Fitbit app open while I’m moving I can see the types of movements that register – squats, bobbing up and down and moving from side to side all activated both the Fitbit and the pedometer.

Get Jumping – Jumping on a trampoline is fantastic exercise, and it’s not just for kids. Trampoline centres are opening up all over the place, and run exercise and self defence classes. According to the Flip Out Trampoline Arena website, NASA have proven that trampoline classes are four times more effective than traditional gym classes. I haven’t tried a trampoline arena yet, but the little one in our backyard is always great fun and really gets my heart pumping.

Stride Away – One exercise machine I favour at the gym is the elliptical trainer. Having knee problems can make it hard to run for long periods of time without pain, so the elliptical is the perfect answer. I feel like I am running, and am taking steps, without putting pressure on my knees.

Exercise Incidentally – Park the car a little bit further away, get off your train or bus one stop before you need to, walk to a shop close by if you run out of milk or take a pet for a walk. You will be surprised at how many extra steps you will take!

What tips do you have to get moving more? Can you suggest any other techniques I can use to get to     10, 000 steps?



4 thoughts on “Four Ways to Take 10, 000 Steps a Day

  1. Sometimes it does seem harder than you might think. I may or may not have been known to run around the inside of my house to try and get to that magic 10000 steps.

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