Falling Down the Rabbit Hole into ghd Wonderland

ghd Collage

My first hair straightener was a $40 version from Priceline that I bought when I was a uni student. Straigheners were the next ‘big thing’, and my parents couldn’t understand why I needed something to straighten my hair when it was already straight. I have quite thick hair that tends to frizz at any sign of moisture, so it’s always a bit tricky to control. The thought of nice, straight, fizz-free hair made me very excited! About six years ago, I was given a ghd for my birthday. My hairdresser had worked magic with one and I was keen to try and re-create the look at home. My hair dressing skills leave a lot to be desired, so the easier the ‘do, the better. My ghd has stood the test of time, and still works, but when I was asked to try the ghd Wonderland styler I jumped at the opportunity.

The styler arrived with a heat proof travel bag, two hair clips to secure hair while styling, and a plastic holder to pop on the end to keep the plates together while it is stored. It heats up quickly, and will also switch off automatically after 30 minutes if you forget to do it manually. The plates are contoured to curl the hair with ease, and the ceramic plates left my hair feeling smooth. I was so glad not to have the dry feeling often associated with heat styled hair.


To straighten my hair, I sectioned it with the clips and worked with the bottom section first. This ensured that it was smooth underneath which I find makes the difference with my hair. I then straightened the top part, smoothing it down. One thing I loved about it is that it didn’t create poker straight hair – it was left with some body and movement. You can see the before and after pictures above on the left.

Today I wanted to try something a little bit different. The ghd website has lots of fantastic videos with how-to hairstyles and inspiration. You can find them here. There are up-dos, and instruction about how to do ghd curls. This is what I decided to go for this morning. My hair had been in a pony tail all day yesterday, so had bumps and twists in it already. While it doesn’t look all that different in the before and after photos, it was smoother and the waves were more defined. After taking about 20 photos, I still didn’t manage to get the perfect one (as usual!). I have attempted curls with my straightener before, and had some success, however I always find one side of my head easier than the other to do. I watched the how-to video a few times and then tried my best to re-create the look. As my hair is not as long as the model in the video, and the fact that I don’t own a paddle brush, the result was a little different but it was surprisingly easy to do. My old straighter used to get a little bit stuck in my hair as I tried to curl it, but the Wonderland slid through easily. While I know I need to practice a lot more to perfect curly hair, I will certainly have fun trying. It will also be good to play around with some up do’s for something different, especially to find something easy but more interesting than a pony tail.

I absolutely love the ghd Wonderland styler – it’s easy to use and leaves my hair looking smooth and shiny. The straighteners have definitely improved since my first version six years ago, and I think I will be a loyal ghd customer for a long time coming.

* I was given the ghd Wonderland styler to try for editorial consideration. 

Do you have a ghd or another hair straightener? What is your favourite look? Have you ever used how-to videos when styling your hair?


2 thoughts on “Falling Down the Rabbit Hole into ghd Wonderland

  1. GHD makes some pretty impressive straighteners, I must admit. You hair looks amazing in the “after” shot. It isn’t flat even after you’ve straightened it with a flattening iron.

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