Present Ideas for a Significant Birthday


Breathe by William Patino

This Saturday, I will turn 30. My 20’s have been a big decade – an engagement and subsequent wedding, two beautiful children and two university degrees, some travel and lots of adventures in between. I am looking forward to seeing what the next decade will bring. A ‘zero’ birthday is a good excuse for a party, special dinner, spending time with your favourite people, and sometimes some presents. Family have been asking what I would like, aand  I thought I would share a few present ideas for a significant birthday for others who have a little more planning time than me. As a sentimental person, I prefer receiving gifts that mean something and that I can keep for years to come.

Last year, a friend linked to a photographer called William Patino on Facebook (you can find his page here) and I fell in love with his gorgeous landscape pictures. I spent a lot of my childhood in the picturesque area that he takes most of his shots, so there are a lot of nice memories attached to them as well. He was recently lucky enough to have some trips to Canada and New Zealand to capture their natural beauty. Morraine Lake in the picture above was one of my favourite places in Canada and I have chosen a print as my birthday present. I can’t wait to have it on my wall on Saturday and I have a feeling that we will be investing in a few more of his photos in the years to come. Both of William’s pictures are republished with his full permission.


Valley of Solace by William Patino

Another investment present for a special occasion is a good quality watch. I received my last watch when my husband and I bought each other one for our wedding presents seven years ago, so thought an update would be nice. I have my eye on some rose gold watches for something a little different, as the last few I have worn have been silver.

Watch Collage

1. Fossil Cecile watch – $249 | 2. Michael Kors Three Hand watch – $180 | 3. Fossil Stella watch – $199 | 4. Michael Kors mid-size rose gold Mercer watch – $275 | 5. Nixon Small Kensington watch – $240 | 6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Blade watch – $207 (on sale)

If photographs and watches are not your cup of tea for gift ideas, I have put together a little list of other presents I’m sure people would be very happy to receive for a big birthday.

Present Ideas

How have you celebrated your significant birthdays? What gifts were you given?


4 thoughts on “Present Ideas for a Significant Birthday

  1. I can’t remember what my presents were to be honest. I keep mixing them up with our anniversaries. But I do love the selection of rose gold watches you’ve shared! And those prints look spectacular! I’m going to have to think hard for my 40th next year 😉

  2. Firstly, have a fabulous birthday! I love the idea of one of those gorgeous pictures as a ‘decade’ birthday gift. What a beautiful, lasting memory.

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