Country Style


As a child, we went on holidays to a seaside town. During our first holiday we met a wonderful family who were to become life long friends. We had a lot of fun on those holidays, sharing midnight snacks in tents and finding a new Summer crush each year. Back in April we went to visit our friends at their home – a beautiful farm on more land than the eye can see. I used to love visiting when I was growing up and I have fantastic memories of our holidays there. It was where I learnt to ride a bike without training wheels, had my first turn in the driver’s seat of a car, and where we slid down the sheep chutes in the shearing shed. I was so excited to take my own family for a few nights away to enjoy the fresh air, green grass and wonderful company.

We enjoyed wandering around the farm, and the kids thrived in the wide open spaces. They adored feeding the horse every day, and sitting up high in the tractors. Feeding the sheep in the ute was a highlight, and being able to spend time together as a family without the distraction of home, technology and work was lovely.


I love the wide open spaces in the country, and I have to confess that we did peruse the real estate agent windows in the nearby towns! While we won’t be making a big country move, it is so much fun to visit and imagine what life would be like.


We paid a visit to the local liquorice and chocolate factory, where we always manage to miss the tour times, but sampled some of the goods anyway. The dairy free members of the household were very excited to learn that they had dark chocolate that they could try. The grounds of the factory are cute, with little courtyards covered in vines that remind me of Tuscany.


The last morning brought the most beautiful sunrise. Autumn is my favourite time of year, with the crisp chill in the air. I loved watching the sun rise up over the horizon and hearing the birds in the trees. The small one loved the roar of the quad bike and had a ride at 6.30am in his pyjamas!


One thing I have always noticed about the country is the distinct style – jeans, collared shirts, vests or quilted jackets, and boots. I loved making use of my new gumboots somewhere more country than the local agricultural show!

Our hostess shared a catalogue they have bought work clothes through, which reminded me that clothes that are normally seen as ‘country’ can be integrated into most wardrobes. RB Sellars have a fantastic range of clothes for women, men and children. I am looking forward to buying some shirts for work – there are lots of colourful prints which could easily pass for Ben Sherman and Tommy Hilfiger.

Country Collage

1. RB Sellars Pearl Long Sleeved Shirt – $55 |  2. Jeans West Petra Printed Snood – $24.99 | 3. Jeans West Super Skinny jeans – $69.99 | 4. Hunter Tall boots from The Iconic – $154 | 5. Target quilted jacket – $18 (on sale, but only in stores)

If you are dreaming of wide open spaces, cows and horses and want to bring a little bit of country to your home (in addition to your wardrobe), be sure to check out the range from Dee Dub Designs.The daughter of the friend we stayed with owns a graphic design business, and recently launched a homewares range. She has produced some gorgeous cushions, one of which gives a nod to her home on the farm.


Silhouette farm scene cushion – $42

Are you off on a holiday any time soon? Do you change your wardrobe to suit a place that you are going to visit?


2 thoughts on “Country Style

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Dianne! I love Chantelle’s blog, and I’m really glad you’ve found mine too.

      The farm is beautiful! A great place for some r and r. I hope you’ve had a great weekend.

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