Health and Fitness Update

Updated Before and After

The reason why this blog was started was because my clothes were too big after I lost weight and I had come to the realisation that I really didn’t have any definitive style. After nearly 18 months of keeping my weight and health steady, I thought it might be time for a health and fitness update. An updated before and after photo has been included above – it’s amazing looking back and seeing the changes that have happened.

My Story                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

I became overweight while I was at uni through a combination of very little exercise, and eating too much food. Two children, and thinking pregnancy was an excuse to eat what I wanted didn’t help matters, and my weight ballooned. I had tried unsuccessfully to lose weight before, through fits and bursts of healthy eating and exercise that never lasted. After the birth of my daughter my cholesterol was 7.2 (anywhere between 4 and 5 is normal). I didn’t have much energy, and to be brutally honest I didn’t like the way that I looked. My doctor decided to give me a three month grace period to lose weight and get my health under control. Through exercise and eating well I was able to lose 10kg. I hurt my knee quite badly, and couldn’t exercise for weeks. As a result I found myself very down, and turned to food for comfort. After seeing the above picture of me at Christmas in 2o12 I decided that I needed to jump back on the Weight Watchers wagon and proceeded to lose a further 8kg. I reached Goal in April of 2013, and have kept the weight off since. My cholesterol level dropped to 4.1, and I have so much more energy.


Where I Am At Now

While I don’t track with Weight Watchers anymore, I do use My Fitness Pal. During the Christmas and school holidays I felt myself slipping as I wasn’t tracking, and I gained back a couple of kilos. While the number on the scale isn’t so important because it does tend to fluctuate, I did notice my clothes not fitting as well as they had. I began tracking again to keep myself in check. The barcode scan function on My Fitness Pal is fantastic, and it keeps me in check. I find that if I am tracking my food I am less likely to eat out of boredom, so this is just one thing that works for me. My Fitness Pal also talks to my FitBit, which means I can see roughly how many calories I am burning.

For me, exercise is just as important as eating right. It clears my head and gives me a lot more energy. I’ve been mixing it up a bit lately, with yoga, long walks outside, jogging, bike and weight training. My Mum was diagnosed with osteoporosis last year, so it’s important for me to be strong to keep my bones healthy. Exercise is actually something I enjoy now, after years of it feeling like a chore. Seeing muscles become more defined is a bit addictive, and I like seeing my body change.


Where to From Here?

I plan to keep on tracking, and trying to get a bit healthier than I am now (less chocolate would probably be a good move!). When I joined my gym I didn’t ever get around to making a proper program, so this is something I need to do now. Shaking up a workout is never a bad thing.

The Fitness Show is on in Sydney on 18-19 October, and I am looking forward to learning about different workouts and nutrition tips. I will also be scouting out some new trainers – mine are about to fall apart!

Here’s to continued good health, fun exercise and a strong body.

* Last week I was involved in a photo shoot, and the picture above is a sneak peek. I will be able to give you more details in October.

What do you do to keep your health in track? What exercise are you loving at the moment?


10 thoughts on “Health and Fitness Update

  1. You look amazing, congrats Sarah 🙂 So glad to read you’re feeling healthy too, I personally find the feeling healthy part so motivating.

    PS – If you’re looking for some shoes, I would recommend checking out Just Sports. I was there last week & managed to get some great running shoes $100 cheaper than I could at Athletes foot or foot locker.

  2. Congrats to you! What a great story so far. Thank you for reminding me that exercise equals more energy. I’ve been turning that alarm off quite a lot lately… Love your photoshoot pic too. I’ll definitely check back in to see more!

    • Thank you so much! Turning the alarm off is so tempting, especially for my 6am yoga class. Knowing how good I will feel at the end of it gets me motivated (most of the time!). Thanks for stopping by x

  3. Congratulations on your fitness journey. Differences, especially in how we feel are so worth it aren’t they. Glad to have found you through weekend rewind, x Deb

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