The Best Australian Retail Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs


Each time we purchase something from a shop it seems that we are inundated with offers – ‘Are you an X member?’, ‘Would you like to join our loyalty program?’. If you’re anything like me, you say yes and end up dragging a variety of cards around in your wallet. How do you decide which ones are the most worth while, and beneficial to you? I have found eight of the best Australian retail loyalty programs, and want to share them with you.


Flybuys is the loyalty program for Coles supermarkets. Scan your card each time you shop, and earn one point per dollar spent. The thing I love about Flybuys is that I’m earning points for money that I am spending anyway, doing the shopping each week. If you share your email address you will also be sent special offers for bonus points, discount vouchers and alerts when items you purchase frequently are on special. There are a huge range of rewards including gift vouchers, electronics, travel, entertainment and things for children. I use my points to buy magazine subscriptions every six months, and we bought aquarium tickets for a visit yesterday which was a great money saver (especially with the buy one get one free details they frequently have). You can sign up in any Coles store or online here.


Fusion is a partnership between Diana Ferrari, Mathers, Williams and Colorado stores. There are frequent member-only sales, and card holders will earn $5 for each $100 spent. Three levels of membership offer a sliding scale of benefits, and the more you spend, the more benefits you will receive. As a member, you will also be privy to new collections and season previews. You can find more information here.


Jeanswest have just re-branded their loyalty program, and the features are fantastic. When you sign up you will be given a $10 welcome voucher, and you will be sent exclusive member-only sale alerts which are valid both in store and online. Jeanswest offer four levels of membership, from bronze to platinum. Each level offers a discount each time you shop, and improves the more you spend. The amount is very attainable, with bronze starting at $150 a year (this equates to two and a bit pairs of jeans). If you are a member of Jeanswest’s old membership program, your account will have be transferred. You can apply, or check your membership status here.


MYER One is another four step program, with a sliding scale of rewards depending on how much you spend. Shoppers gain two credits of every dollar they spend. Membership entitles you to a free copy of emporium magazine each time you shop, special member offers, and exclusive invitation only events. If you spend more than $1500 per year you will also be entitled to a birthday voucher.

Boost Juice

The Boost Juice Vibe reward club is one of my favourites. If you have a smart phone you can download their free app, and have access to offers, competitions, the Boost menu and store finder. The best part is, that each time you buy a juice you earn one point. After you accrue 10 points, you get a free original sized juice. When you normally buy four at a time like our family, that’s a lot of free juice! A nice bonus is that also get a free juice on your birthday. Who doesn’t love a present?

Kikki K

It’s no secret how much I love stationery. When you join the Kikki K loyalty program you get a $10 voucher, with no minimum spend. You will also receive a voucher on your birthday, and your anniversary of joining the program. There are many special offers sent throughout the year for use in store and online. If you also own a Kikki K diary, keep your eye on the monthly offers. They come with a special web address and you can view the offer for that month on their website. It’s definitely an incentive to buy one of their gorgeous diaries for next year (in case you needed an extra excuse!). You can join the Kikki K membership program here.

Country Road

Country Road and Trenery’s cardholder program is valid on all purchases in store and online (other than the outlet). Rewards begin straight away, and increase once you spend more than $750 in a year. The program entitles you to free suit tailoring, sale previews and special offers, and then progresses to gift vouchers when you reach the second tier of the program. When you reach VIP status, you also receive birthday rewards, personal shopping and free delivery on online shopping. New members will enjoy loyalty status for the first six months of their membership, so there is no reason not to join! You can find out more information here.


The Witchery membership club is very generous. The more you spend, the more bonuses you will receive. Along with access to exclusive offers, you will be given a birthday voucher, double rewards and new collection previews. Once you reach silver status (a $1000 spend in a calendar year), you will receive free online shipping and movie and fashion invitations.

There are so many advantages to store loyalty programs. The days of rifling through your wallet for the card are decreasing, with many programs introducing associated apps. The apps make it much easier to track your spend and rewards. If you’re going to be spending money in your favourite store, you should get some extra bang for your buck!

What are your favourite loyalty programs? Are there any that you believe are must join programs?



6 thoughts on “The Best Australian Retail Loyalty Programs

  1. I reckon the Sussan programme is up there too – for every $500 you spend, you get a $50 voucher. My favourite has to be Country Road though – their regular Spend and Saves at the beginning of the season (new not old stock) is excellent. x

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