The Perfect Aeroplane Outfit

Aeroplane Outfit


This term has whizzed by in a haze of planning, lessons, excursions and presentations, and holidays seem to have snuck up on us. My cousin is getting married in Melbourne, and next week I will be flying down for a few days. On my own! I haven’t been away from my kids for more than a night since I was in hospital last year for emergency surgery, so I am feeling a little nervous. My daughter was not happy after last year, but at least I won’t be sneaking off in an ambulance while they’re napping this time! With promises of movie nights and toys with Daddy, I think the comments will be ‘Mama who?’. While I haven’t started writing packing lists yet, I have started thinking about what to wear. My wedding outfit is sorted, so the next important thing is about what to wear on the flight. I am planning to go into the city once I land to do some shopping and meet a friend for coffee so I need to be comfortable and casual. For me, this means light colours, cool fabrics and a few accessories. Hopefully Melbourne will turn on the sunshine!

I really like the look of a collared linen shirt with a singlet top underneath – it can be worn buttoned up, or open for a more casual look. I love this one from Sussan ($79.95), and this Essentials tank from Target ($4). I think this look would be great in Summer with some cotton shorts and sandals. The temperature on the plane can often be on the cooler side, so a wrap of scarf like this Sunshine Shawl ($69) from my blogging friend Emily’s gorgeous business Bohemian Traders is perfect. It is a great size – large enough to wrap a baby in – so it would be plenty big enough to wrap around your shoulders, and a heck of a lot more stylish than an aeroplane blanket!

I would love a pair of jeans in a lighter wash for Spring, and the Curve Embracer jeans in soft mid indigo from Jeanswest fit the bill. They’re also currently on sale for $39.99 per pair, or two pairs for $70. Who can resist a bargain like that? Tan shoes should be a wardrobe staple, and look fantastic in the warmer weather. My two pairs of budget tan flats served me well from last season, and I’m sure these Indigo Flats from Rubi Shoes would be the same. At $19.95 per pair you won’t feel guilty if you buy them in more than one colour!

My fantasy items (because this is virtual shopping) would be the Kikki K Viktoria Shoulder Bag. It’s currently on sale for $210, which is 40% off and a huge bargain. It would be a wonderful bag to use as carry on – large enough for a few magazines and all your essentials, and is stylish enough to use as a handbag. I found the Tom Ford Vivienne sunglasses on my trip to Melbourne last year, but couldn’t justify the then $500 price tag… I’ve found them for $305 here if they take your fancy too!

I am looking forward to buying a few magazines at the airport to indulge in during the flight, and will be making a new playlist to enjoy on the plane. H&M and Uniqlo are on my shopping hit list, and I can’t wait to wander around the city and take some photos. Hurray for holidays!

What is your favourite outfit to wear while you’re travelling? Do you have any must-sees that I need to know about in Melbourne?


6 thoughts on “The Perfect Aeroplane Outfit

  1. That’s a lovely scarf! I’m a huge fan of a bargain, but Rubi shoes are just a bit too ‘car tyre’ for me. I can’t walk I to their store without gagging on the plastic smell! x

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