Easy Morning Beauty Routine

Easy Morning Beauty Routine

What does your morning beauty routine look like? Do you have a variety of lotions and potions that you like to use? My morning routine is pretty low maintenance. I don’t use a lot of beauty products, and try to choose cruelty free where possible. Having two little children results in busy mornings, especially when getting ready for work, so the easier the routine the better!

The products that I use are either from the supermarket or pharmacy. Our chemist has a great reward program and I tend to top up my makeup supply when I receive them in the mail. After having my make up done for a photo shoot recently (I am looking forward to sharing more about the shoot next month when the photo is published), I would like to experiment more with different products. I’m sure this will be reserved for nights out though – if there is a choice between make up experimentation and breakfast, breakfast is going to win!

Beauty Routine

I start with a cleanser that I usually pop on in the shower. It is from Australian Pure Beauty as well, the same as the moisturiser, and can be found at Coles. Once or twice a week I exfoliate my face as well, which always feels great. After my shower I try to moisturise (1) quickly – I read somewhere that moisturiser is more effective if applied within three minutes of a shower. Something about pores being opened by heat, and allowing the moisture to seep in.

If I’ve got dark circles under my eyes (which is often – my whole family have them!) or blemishes then I use some concealer (2). I recently learned to dab it on, after I saw it stippled on with a make up brush. While I don’t own a make up brush (probably a sin for someone who blogs about make up!), I find that dabbing it on with my fingers works well, and provides even coverage.

The next step is Natio BB Cream (3). I was a long term user of tinted moisturiser, but became a BB Cream convert last year and wrote about it here. The coverage of BB Cream is great – almost up there with foundation. It takes a few minutes to settle in to the skin, so don’t panic if it looks streaky or patchy when it is first applied. I use the lightest shade, fair, but there are three to choose from.

Recently, I rediscovered my eye lash curler (4). It’s just a cheapy from Coles, but it does the job well. It makes my lashes look longer, and gives them a nice shape. After I have curled them, I pop some mascara on (5). My lashes are already quite dark, but I like the look that mascara gives them. I’ve recently tried the Extreme Volume version from Natio, which has a different type of brush. It’s good so far, and doesn’t seem to clump which is great. There is also an eye liner pencil hiding in the picture, which I use from time to time, especially when I’m going out. It gives my eyes a lot more definition which I really like. You can use a white one which makes your eyes really pop when applied to the inner part of the bottom lid, but I’ve only experimented with a black one.

If I need a bit of extra colour I use a Natio cream blush (6). It came in a palette I bought a few years ago with lip glosses and cheek tints. It is a great, natural colour that is applied to the apple of the cheek and then swept up to contour the cheek bone. Bronzers and blushes applied with a brush will also have a similar effect, and give you a healthy glow.

So there you have it – one easy morning beauty routine for your average 30 year old!

What does your morning beauty routine look like? Are there any favourite products that you think I should try?


7 thoughts on “Easy Morning Beauty Routine

  1. Oh wow, I love how streamlined you have your morning routine. If I was to list all the things I use, It would probably be a very long list!! My most favourite, can’t live without product is Dermalogica eye cream – http://www.beautystorm.com.au/dermalogica-age-reversal-eye-complex.html . This is the best product I have ever used by a long way for dark circles, lines/bags (whatever the problem). It is a little more expensive compared to Priceline/supermarket products but it is worth every cent.

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