Kambrook Blitz2Go – An Unbiased Review

Our family are big fans of Boost Juice. Growing up, I never really liked smoothies and juices, but my tastes have changed. Each Saturday after swimming lessons we pick up a juice, which the kids love. At the end of Winter I was sick with a cold and was craving a green juice. I wanted a device that could make drinks easily, and was easy to clean. We have a proper juicer, but I don’t enjoy the chunky consistency it produces, and it’s also a pain to clean. We started looking around at smoothie and juice makers, and while we would really love a Vitamix it was way out of our price range. Luckily, there are lots of smaller smoothie makers on the market at the moment that let you blend and drink from the same bottle. Sunbeam, George Foreman, Aldi and even Kmart have their own single bottle smoothie makers, but after doing some research we decided the Kambrook would be the best for us.


We have all worked out our favourite recipes, and like experimenting with new ones. The freezer and fridge are even more full of fruit and veggies which is fantastic, and we’re definitely saving money on juice bar juices. The Blitz2Go comes with two 600mL containers and a 300mL container, three lids, plus the interchangeable lid with the blender attachment. It’s so handy being able to change the lids and walk out the door in the morning. The blender is very effective and chops ice and frozen fruit with ease. This was one of the things I was concerned about, but I didn’t need to be at all. The drinks are incredibly smooth. The Blitz2Go has a 300 watt motor, which is standard with blenders in this price range. It’s incredibly simple to use – the bottle clicks in to place, and you press the pulse button for as long as you need to. If you keep an eye out you can pick one up on a great special. We bought ours from The Good Guys for $42.50. They usually retail for $49.95.

This wouldn’t be a good post unless I shared a recipe or two now would it?

Tropical Green Juice (approximate measurements courtesy of Mr Style Unearthed)

– 7 tablespoons coconut water

– 3 tablespoons light coconut milk

– 6 pieces of frozen mango (more to taste, if you like)

– 2 tablespoons passionfruit pulp

– 3 tablespoons apricot nectar (or mango if you can find it)

– 1/2 banana

– A handful of baby spinach

Add all of these to the container and blitz until smooth. You can also add extra ice if you like your drinks extra cold like I do. Freezing the coconut water into ice cubes will also be a good option.

Fruit Crush

– Your favourite fruit (we use watermelon or assorted berries – blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are great)

– At least a quarter of a container of ice

– 1/4 cup of coconut water

Blitz until smooth. My kids love these concoctions for a cool afternoon treat. There really is nothing to them, and it cools them right down. It’s a great option instead of an ice block, and all natural.

Mango Tango (as named by the almost-three year old)

– A handful of frozen mango

– Half a banana

– Two tablespoons of coconut milk

– Two cups of rice milk

Blitz until smooth. This is a dinner time favourite for the small ones. These quantities produces about 3/4 of a container of smoothie, and is plenty to share between the two children.

We have also attempted a choc banana milkshake with a tablespoon of chocolate flavouring, a whole banana, and some rice milk. Mr Style Unearthed loves making morning smoothies packed with fruit, and he also adds some protein powder which is a great way to add to your daily protein intake. He now wants to buy another machine to take to work for post-gym smoothies!

If you need some juice recipe inspiration, my friend Lisa from Happy, Healthy and Well created a recipe book earlier this year in conjunction with Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim. You can get your free copy here. There are 35 delicious recipes to suit lots of different needs and dietary requirements.


The Blitz2Go has been the perfect little addition to our kitchen. I’ve bought a cute cup with a straw to take my juices to work this term – the perfect accessory for any work desk!

Are you a smoothie or juice drinker? Care to share any recipes with me?

* We paid for our own Kambrook Blitz2Go machine. I am sharing the brand with you because we genuinely love the product. 


8 thoughts on “Kambrook Blitz2Go – An Unbiased Review

  1. I’ve had my eye on the Blitz2Go for a while but because of the price (SO CHEAP!), I was a bit wary on how well it would work and how smooth it would break down fruit and veggies.

    Great review and the recipes sound great (love the fruit crush – I’m a sucker for Boost Juice’s ‘Watermelon Crush’) x

    • That was my concern too as I don’t like chunky drinks – it’s fantastic though and blends things really smoothly. We made lovely guacamole in there yesterday. Watermelon Crush is my kids’ favourite as well, and this makes an awesome version!

  2. Sarah, I’m so glad you’ve written this review – thank you! I’ve been holding off buying an appliance like this because we don’t have hundreds to spend nor do I want to waste $50 on something that can’t handle the job. Looks like you’ve solved my problem!
    My current fave juice is beetroot, green apple, celery, carrot, lemon and ginger.

  3. I’ve got the George Foreman one, courtesy of Mr. C. He bought it on special. But I’ve never used it. Wonder if I could do juices in that too? Always thought they were only for smoothies and shakes!

    • Absolutely, Norlin! I nearly bought a George Foreman one – it has the same wattage and I think it would work in the same way. Give it a go 🙂 We just have to make sure that there is a bit of liquid in there as well – coconut water is great.

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