Six Healthy Snacks Under 200 Calories

Do you struggle to find healthy snacks at times? In the past my pantry has been filled with unhealthy choices, and I would be reaching for biscuits or chips to fill the hungry void between meals. Now I look for snacks that will fill me up, are nutritious, and are quick to prepare. Being a teacher, it is sometimes hard to find time to eat at work so being able to grab something healthy on the go is important. There are always fundraiser chocolates of some description on the staff room table, so if I don’t prepare some snacks those Caramello Koalas look mighty attractive! Today I am sharing my top six healthy snacks under 200 calories with you.


I discovered The Bar Counter protein and snack bars a couple of months ago, and I am hooked! Not only are they delicious, but they are the perfect way to sneak some extra protein into your diet. The best thing is that they don’t have that nasty protein after taste that many other protein bars have. There are many flavours to choose from (including lots with grains and fruit), and not all are protein heavy. My favourite flavour is the milk chocolate and hazelnut, which tastes exactly like a Ferrero Rocher chocolate. The bars are between 130 and 170 calories each, depending on which flavour you choose. If you keep your eye out at Coles you can often find them on special – make sure you stock up!


Corn Thins are only 40 calories for two biscuits, making them my go-to for a low cal snack. I love to top them with Vegemite or natural peanut butter for a pre-workout snack. When spread with peanut butter it tastes a lot like popcorn. You can also top them with refried beans, avocado, cherry tomatoes and a little bit of cheese to make a Mexican inspired lunch. It might not sound too tasty, but it will surprise you! When I used to work in an office I always had a pack of these in my desk drawer. They’re perfect for the days when you might forget your lunch, and will stop you rushing out for take away.


My parents-in-law recently discovered this trail mix at Aldi, and we are now on our fourth packet! It has crunchy almonds, pistachios, dried cranberries and white chocolate chips. This combination is perfect when you need a bit of a sugar hit but don’t want to eat a chocolate bar. One quarter of a cup is 128 calories, and the nuts provide good fats and oils. It’s a great serving size that will satisfy your sweet craving.


These crunchy rice crackers are delicious, and come in a huge range of flavours. My favourite is sour cream and chive, and the kids love the original flavour. They are gluten free, and don’t contain any trans fat. One row of biscuits is 92 calories, and I often serve it with some low fat cheese, a table spoon of hommus and carrot or celery sticks. It is now known as the ‘bits and pieces’ afternoon tea in our house. The snack is filling and low in calories – you can’t ask for much more! It’s also perfect for work, and easy to prepare.


These cranberry and pepita muesli bars from Thank You are my favourite muesli bars of all time, and they weigh in at 141 calories. They have a delicious drizzle of yoghurt on top, and a soft, chewy consistency. The best thing about these bars is the fact that every time you eat one, you are helping others. When you buy any Thank You product it comes with a tracking code, and you can directly see the impact that your purchase is having in communities across the globe. The company built by young entrepreneurs began with bottled water, and exploded onto our shelves last year with an unforgettable social media campaign targeting the big two supermarkets. Their range of water, food and body products is now carried in Coles and Woolworths. You can find out more information here.


You can’t beat good old fruit and vegetables as a quick and healthy snack. Summer is my favourite time for fresh fruit, with strawberries in abundance and stone fruit about to hit the supermarket shelves. Two serves of fruit are the recommended amount for an adult per day, but up to three serves are okay. It is a great way to add fibre to your diet, and watermelon has a surprisingly large amount. I also love chopped up veggies like carrot, celery, snow peas or sweet yellow capsicum as a snack.

Do you have a favourite healthy snack under 200 calories you would care to share? What’s your favourite fruit?


9 thoughts on “Six Healthy Snacks Under 200 Calories

  1. I absolutely love Corn Thins and Rice thins. We get them in South Africa as well. Not all our stores sell them, so I dont buy them as often as I like to. For a not so healthy snack I put ham and cheese on them. It is so yummy. Otherwise I also just eat them plain. Because I cant always buy them, I snack on plain unsalted rice cakes when I am on a health kick, but they are not as low in calories as corn thins

  2. I don’t know how many calories this is but I suspect it is pretty low. I have a small tin of tuna (in springwater) with chopped up tomato, fresh corn and beetroot and a small amount of low fat mayo/sour cream (natural yoghurt would probably work ok too). Yummo. I will also have this for lunch on corn thins (or similar) with a small amount of grated cheese. I am definitely checking out those bars that taste like Ferrero Rocher. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Not sure how much calories my fave snack has but mine has got to be half an avocado eaten with some of those Peckish crackers you’ve featured. LOVE!!

  4. I love, love trail mixes with white choc buttons!! We can’t buy them anymore, because the kids discovered my secret and now steal them, picking out all the white choc bits. Sigh.

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