My Favourite Jewellery (and a Shopolla Giveaway!)

Do you have favourite pieces of jewellery that you wear on a daily basis? I tend to wear the same jewellery over and over, swapping my old faithfuls for costume jewellery to match an outfit or try a trend. I wanted to share the pieces that touch my heart , and the stories behind them. They all have sentimental value, and I find myself wearing them to remember different people or events.


My eternal interlace brooch was given to me by my late grandparents for my 21st birthday. I have Scottish heritage which I am very proud of and this always makes me think of my family. The interlace was traditionally given to a bride on her wedding day, and then pinned to the christening shawl of the children of the marriage. I wore this on my wedding day, and then on the christening days of both my children. It is made up of a series of triquetras, which represent a variety of things including mind, body and soul. I love wearing the brooch on jackets and blazers during Winter time, and it really has become a statement piece for me.


I absolutely love this necklace, and it is my favourite. We originally bought the black pearl and white gold chain in Fiji on our honeymoon. The gorgeous peacock-like colours stood out and I couldn’t not take it home. It always reminds me of our first holiday as a married couple, and of the beautiful Fijian paradise. My husband bought me the Elsa Peretti butterfly from Tiffany one Christmas. Butterflies have become very symbolic to me, so this little charm is very precious.


These rings are for both my gorgeous babies. When our son was born he was premature and after two weeks of being in hospital one of the nurses ordered my husband to take me to the near by shopping centre for some retail therapy. We were wandering past Swarovski and it caught my eye, and it was bought as a celebratory/cheer up present. Our daughter was born three years later and the precedent of a ring per baby was set! I had already spotted this sparkler on the Swarovski website – it comes with a clear, pink or blue stone so I was set whether we had a daughter or another son. My daughter loves looking at it and knows that it is ‘her’ ring and I’m sure she will convince me to give it to her one day!


These are my two latest editions to my jewellery favourites. The Fossil watch was my 30th birthday present from my parents and parents in law. I had been looking for a rose gold watch for a while, and it is such a special present. The Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet was bought recently after working with Shopolla and I have have worn it every day since it arrived. It’s the perfect every day bracelet, but attracts lots of compliments too. For me, it represents a celebration of the work I have put into my blog and the good things that have come along due to it.

I have always loved the stories my relatives have told me about their jewellery, and how history is attached to some small pieces of metal. My wedding, engagement and eternity rings are my most prized possessions which goes without saying, but I wanted to feature other pieces that I love for different reasons. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek into my jewellery box.

What are your favourite pieces of jewellery and the stories behind them?

Share them to win a $30 Shopolla voucher thanks to Shopolla and Style Unearthed!

Terms and Conditions

This competition will open at 5.30am AEDST on Friday 17 October, 2014, and will close at 5.30pm AEDST on Friday 24 October, 2014.

It is open to Australian residents only (sorry to international readers).

This is a game of skill. To be eligible to win you must leave a comment below telling me your favourite piece of jewellery and the story behind it.

This voucher was given to me by Shopolla for personal use, and they have approved me to give it away in this competition. Sharing the love!

Please leave a valid email address so I can contact you if you win. I will also share the winner on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If I do not hear from the winner within 48 hours the competition will be re-judged. 


25 thoughts on “My Favourite Jewellery (and a Shopolla Giveaway!)

  1. Love the stories behind your pieces!

    My Great Grandfather was a very talented man. He was a woodturner and I’m lucky to have the last wooden rocking chair he ever made. I also have some jewellery he made from stones and cats eyes he collected, polished and set himself. They’re very special.

    I wear my mother’s engagement ring, and the tiny silver ring my father gave her as a promise ring.

    My favourite piece that I wear every single day without fail is my Elsa Peretti by Tiffany & Co Double Open Heart bangle. I received it as a 30th birthday gift when I was unable to get out of bed as I was so ill with morning sickness.

    At the time I was pregnant with twins so the two hearts represent my darling baby who made it to become our Boyo and the little lost one whom I miss every day. I wear heart jewellery every single day. Lost without it!

  2. My favourite piece of jewellery is a Tiffany bracelet my gorgeous friends got me for my 30th birthday. I went to high school with these three girls and I love it we are still such close friends after all these years. I wear it all the time and it reminds me of their love and support.

  3. This ring was my grandmothers and she gave it to me before she passed away. It was given to her by her first husband about a month before they married, just before world war 2. He went to war and died in the first two months so they were only married a few months 😦 this ring reminds me that even in your darkest hour there is always hope because she met my pop halfway through the war and married him at the end of the war. And now I wear it with pride to remind me of the strong women whose heritage I share.

  4. I have a watch my Nanna gave me. It was hers and you have to wind it up. It’s delicate but she made me promise at age 12 to wear it! So I do when I go special places.

  5. Oh I love hearing the stories behind peoples prized possessions. There truly are some beautiful stories and crafty pieces.
    I actually don’t wear anywhere near as much as I used to and my engagement & eternity band stay in my jewelry box most days. I tend to add costume necklaces or earrings to jazz up an outfit most of the time.
    My treasured piece I wear all the time is my wedding band. We had “Uniti per sempre” which means “United Forever” in Italian engraved on the entire exterior of both our rings.
    It was designed by my dearest friend who’s FIL is a professional engraver of jewellery and old school press prints. He was the one who created the ring for The Lord of the rings movies and has created press invitations for the queen… Pretty cool.

  6. Love this post and I love love love your brooch. I adore jewellery…quality pieces that have sentimental value to me. My favourite piece is a blue topaz ring with diamonds either side that my now hubby gave me. He searched everywhere to get just the right colour blue to match my eyes. I am lucky enough to have my great grandmothers crystal necklace and (screw on!) earrings….she was quite the gossip in the family and it makes me smile every time I see them…they are amazing! Oh Gosh…I could go on and on… 🙂

  7. I’ve gone from only wearing and owning my diamond studs, wedding & engagement ring to needing two full jewellery storage units. I have far too many jewellery designer friends and two out of three daughters have caught the bug.

    I go through stages with favourites and sadly due to medical issues and swollen fingers I’m not wearing my rings for the first time in almost twenty years. At the moment a custom necklace by Tamara Harrison is one of my favourite pieces possibly because it goes with just about everything in my wardrobe.

  8. All of my jewellery has memories attached to it, but perhaps the most special is a diamond cluster ring which was the first beautiful piece of jewellery my husband ever bought me. We were on a weekend break in Dublin and we saw it at a vintage fair. He surprised me with it the following day. Such a great memory!

  9. My engagement ring, which once belonged to my husbands beloved grandmother. She wore it every day of her life and it was a treasured family heirloom. There’s something particularly special about being invited to be part of someone else’s family by entrusting them with something so precious.

  10. My great grandmothers engagement ring , she died a few years ago & when I wear it I think of her . She was always there for me & even though she has passed it still feels like she is with me when I wear her ring .

  11. I have a beautiful egg shaped pendant necklace which was given to me by my aunt and uncle for my 21st. Even after all these years it is timelessly stylish and I love it! I also have a couple of lovely gold pieces given to me by my husband to celebrate the birth of our eldest child (pity he didn’t continue this as a tradition as I would now have a lot of lovely pieces after having 4 more children…)

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