Australian Fitness and Health Expo 2014

When I first heard about the Australian Fitness and Health Expo I knew it would be something that my husband and I would be interested in attending. We’ve both become a lot more interested in fitness and exercise this past year, and shows like this are a great way to scope out new products and ideas. It’s a bit different from the Good Food and Wine Fair which was the last one we attended together! This year, it was held in both Perth and Sydney. Next year it will also add Melbourne to it’s roster. Keep an eye out in fitness magazines and an ear on the radio as they will offer discount codes when you buy your tickets online. We scored $5 off when we booked ours, and kids under 12 are free.

The expo was a good mix of fitness competitions, exhibitor’s stands (educational institutes, fitness equipment, supplements and food), and speakers to listen to. We watched the cross fit championships which was interesting, as short of friend’s photos on Facebook, I haven’t seen cross fit in the flesh. A gym has recently opened up near our home, and while it looks good I don’t know if it is for me yet. It was great watching the competitors, and how fit and strong they were. They made chin ups and kettle bell swings look easy.


Steve ‘The Commando’ from The Biggest Loser fame put people through their paces in two VIP workouts. He was a lot nicer than on TV, but I’m sure he would put the pressure on if he was your personal trainer! I’m not sure the people doing the workout knew they would be surrounded by other expo-goers gawking at them while they performed their exercises, but it would have been a great experience for them none the less.


One of the events I really enjoyed watching was the power lifting. The Pacific Challenge Invitational was held in conjunction with the show, and 12 lifters from a range of countries participated. The personal trainer at my old gym was a power lifter, so I used to see him train and was interested in the nuts and bolts of the sport. We watched the squat heats, as men and women lifted huge amounts of weights. They were so focused on the task at hand and it really was amazing to watch. Jezza Uepa from Nauru, the man in the above photo, ended up squatting more than 400kg. The crowd were so excited, and listening to the cheering was infectious. I didn’t envy the spotters with their job at all! A couple of world records were broken and all the athletes did an amazing job.


Not a fantastic photo, but I stopped by to snap a shot of Tim Robards (or Bachelor number one) for my friend as she’s a fan, and we wound up listening to him talk while the kids had a snack. He is a chiropractor and personal trainer, and has developed his own exercise program that he is launching. Called The Robards Method, it will focus exercise, food and positive thinking to help you become the best you can be. You can begin the program at any fitness level, and the program alters with you as you improve. I’m sure it will be very popular when it is launched.


We enjoyed wandering around and looking at all the exhibitors. The eldest small one was excited to get ‘freebies’ and used the cute factor to gain a few bits and pieces! The best value things were the magazine sample bags – I scored a four month subscription to Women’s Health and Fitness for $20, which also included this month’s issue and some bits and pieces. The Men’s Fitness bag was great value also, and my husband won’t need to buy shaving cream for a while!

Northern Lights Tights

There were some great activewear brands, including Iluka Activewear. I hadn’t heard of this brand before but I instantly fell in love. It showcases pieces from local and international designers, who all create their products ethically and without the use of sweatshops. The Teeki Hot Pants in the Northern Lights pattern were my favourite design. The cool thing about them is that they are made from recycled plastic bottles (79%), along with spandex. They’re definitely a concept that I could get behind.

Tropical Muesli

Another great find was Monster Health Food Co’s muesli range. We managed to get a great special with two large bags and two breakfast in a bag packets for $10. We tried the tropical muesli this morning and it is delicious. All the flavours are dairy free and Kosher certified which is fantastic for our family. There is a wide range of flavours, with berries, nuts and dried fruit all on offer. The breakfast in a bag packets can be taken to eat on the go, and the porridge bag can be put straight into the microwave. Make sure you check out the recipes on their website – the Anzac biscuits look fantastic! You can order on their website and the company offers free shipping Australia wide. They will also post internationally.


One of the cool things about the day was being able to meet people who have really made it in the fitness industry. My husband was excited to meet two Australian UFC fighters, and I was excited to meet Michelle Bridges. She was there on behalf of the Australian Institute of Fitness, and was very generous with her time, taking photographs with people for an hour and a half. Across the weekend, other people including Dan MacPherson, Rachael Finch and Kris Smith who held Q&A specials and took pictures.

We really enjoyed our day at the expo, and will definitely go again next year. I enjoyed finding new products and learning about some different exercise formats.

Did you attend the Fitness and Health Expo? What kind of exhibitions and trade shows do you like attending?

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4 thoughts on “Australian Fitness and Health Expo 2014

  1. I’ve never been to a fitness expo before but am keen to check it out when it comes to Melbourne. I’ve heard so much about cross fit too! Need to try it!

  2. I did crossfit for about three months! It’s lots of fun, and I loved the focus on functional fitness. It’s also a wildly supportive environment- everyone is there to get better at what they do, and no matter what level you are at, your achievements are celebrated. I got as much applause reaching 5 push-ups as the dude who reached 50 did. Downside? It’s expensive! The cost is what turned me away in the end. While fitness is important, we just couldn’t keep up the cost and so I switched to normal group fitness.

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