Fashion, Beauty, Health and Home

Fashion, beauty, health and home. These four words are what make Style Unearthed. I enjoy researching topics, trends and then writing about them, sharing what I have learnt. I tend to write about things that interest me, and that I would like to read about on a blog, but that doesn’t mean that they necessarily interest you. What would you like to read on Style Unearthed?

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Do you like outfit posts, recipes, fitness tips or home styling? Would you prefer to see articles about accessories, seasonal trends or vegetarian food ideas? Are there any Reader Riddle questions that you have? Do you like the Favourites Unearthed series? Please share in the comments below, so I can give you more content that you will enjoy.

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What can I do to make Style Unearthed a more entertaining place for you? What would you like to read here?

* Sorry for the small post today – work is insanely busy at the moment, but I will have a great wardrobe post for you on Friday. See you then!


6 thoughts on “Fashion, Beauty, Health and Home

  1. I would like to see a few more photos of you in your lovely outfits. It is great to be able to draw inspiration from others. I also very drawn to home styling stuff at the moment too.

  2. I love it all! Probably fitness tips, and home styling are my favorite. I like outfit posts, but rarely have the time/money to go shopping, so it’s all internet window shopping for me.

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