How to Disguise Grey Hair

Last week I had a long awaited hair dresser appointment. I sat down in the chair and my hair dresser asked the loaded question ‘What are we doing today?’. We have been chatting for the past few visits about how to handle my hair. Up until a few months ago I was still colouring it myself, but I have since turned it over the the hands of the expert, and for good reason. I first wrote about going grey in this post. I found my first grey hair at 18, and it has become progressively worse ever since. Since writing that post more and more grey has appeared. About two weeks after I colour my hair, the grey starts to appear in my part and at my temples. I end up wearing it in a pony tail as it’s the only way to try and hide it. Some people tell me just to give in and submit to the grey, but I just don’t feel like me. I’m not vain in most ways, but when it comes to my hair I have to admit that I am a bit!

So when the question was asked, I decided to bite the bullet with the answer ‘It’s time to go lighter’. It’s not the first time I have had blonder hair – streaks and foils were in vogue when I was a teenager so I have experimented with being a bottle blonde before. I’m so glad streaks aren’t the preferred method of hair lightening anymore, as those caps could be used as a torture device! My hair throws red naturally, so I would always end up with that dreaded orangey tint that I hated, and I would wind up darkening my hair again. In the past 15 years my hair has been blonde, red, black, brown, and many colours in between.


Me, aged 18

Luckily my hairdresser knows exactly what she is doing (and my feelings on orange hair), and suggested using an ashy based blonde to take the gold tones out, with a caramel colour over the top. The cooler ash colour will blend better with the greys when they come through, hopefully disguising them and letting me have a little bit longer between hair dressing appointments.


Foils were added first, using very thin groups of strands so I wouldn’t end up with the stripy look. My hair dresser always applies the foils about 1cm from my part line to try and achieve a more natural effect. Once I was looking a little like an alien with foil all over my head, the rest of the hair colour was applied. The colour of this was a little lighter this time as well, with a nice light brown to achieve the caramel look she was after.

Once I was sufficiently ‘cooked’, the colour was rinsed out, and a toner applied. This brought the colour up to what the hairdresser wanted, and took away all of the orange that we definitely didn’t want! A cut and blow dry later, and I was feeling like a new woman.  I absolutely love the look that my hair dresser achieved and I will definitely be sticking with the same process in the future. I’m sure I will have to go progressively lighter as my hair keeps lightening on it’s own, but I will let my skin tone and eye brows catch up first before I do anything too radical.

Style Unearthed’s How to Disguise Grey Hair Tips

– Slowly, slowly. Make a gradual change, blending the colours as you go. If you’re anything like me, making one big change will more than likely see you changing back. Going slowly will let you get used to your new look.

– Use ash-based blonde tones. Gold tones will make the grey stick out, but ashy tones will blend them in and make them much less noticeable.

– Find a great hair dresser. Visiting a hair dresser you can trust makes a massive difference. Visiting them on a regular basis and building up a relationship is important. Let them know what direction you want to go in with your hair and let them help you make a decision.

– Use products to prolong your colour treatments. Whether you use colour refresher mousse treatments, colour treated shampoo, or regrowth touch ups, they will help you get the most out of your colour. Colouring your hair when it is seen as a necessity can be a costly exercise, and doing anything to prolong it can be a good thing.


The obligatory post-hairdresser selfie


Do you colour your hair? How do you disguise your greys (if you have any)?


8 thoughts on “How to Disguise Grey Hair

  1. I blame it on being a teacher…the grey hairs. I didn’t get them until I started my placement…as in MORE grew out of no where!!! So I dyed my whole head a darker shade. Lasted a long while. Now I’ve gone for the light streaks for low maintenance colour & fun.

  2. It’s gorgeous!

    I found the best hairdresser a few months ago. While on holidays! Now she’s a seven hour flight away. I’m trying out a new hairdresser next week and hoping to walk out with the same results. Fingers crossed!

  3. I am just about at the point where I can’t manage much past 4 weeks without dying my hair now. I have had every colour under the sun (most more than once) and am currently quite dark but I think this phase is about to end. The silver highlights are too hard to hide in this colour. I really like what you have had done. I have been busying searching for new hair inspiration.

  4. I’m 90% grey at the front now and I’m slowly going lighter all over to help disguise this and not feel the need to dye my hair every 3 to 4 weeks, especially when I have an event on. I’ve just posted about my recent hair endeavours on the blog today. I would dearly love to just go grey all over and save a small fortune but I think it would age me rather than look trendy.

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