Taking Stock


I have seen the Taking Stock list created by Pip Lincolne from Meet Me At Mikes posted on many other blogs since the start of the year. It’s such a great idea and I have always intended to join in – it’s only taken me until November! If you would like to re-post this, or a portion of it in the comments section, please feel free, and let me know what you are up to. I would love to know.

Making: ticks and corrections on assessment tasks. They are never ending at this time of year, for the students and myself!

Cooking: some new recipes, which I will share with you on the blog if they are a success! I’m also going to make some old-school pikelets tomorrow for an after dinner snack.

Drinking: more sparkling mineral water, and trying to drink less Diet Coke. The bubbles in the water are supposed to fool me into thinking it is still fun! I’m thinking of investigating a Soda Stream as I have heard good things. Possible Christmas idea there, Mr Styleunearthed! I also want to buy a juice jar like this one from Maxwell Williams to have fruit infused water on tap.

Reading: or trying to! I have several home magazines on the go, but only seem to get to read a page at a time. I am also reading The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion, and manage to get through a few pages before I fall asleep. It is a good book, though!

Wanting: to enjoy the last few weeks with my current class. We have had such a great year, and they’re a lovely bunch of kids.

Looking: forward to a family holiday in Summer. The beach, reading and relaxing will be just what the doctor ordered.

Playing: backyard tether soccer with the small ones.

Deciding: what to buy our family and friends for Christmas. It really has snuck up on me this year, and I need to get into gear!

Wishing: that certain people could be hear for Christmas this year.

Enjoying: family time. Our kids are at a really fun age, and I love spending time with the four of us.


Waiting: for Christmas Day so we can set up the new trampoline my lovely in-laws have bought the kids. I can’t wait to jump on it too!

Liking: being back in the gym. Exercise always makes me feel so great, and I’m embarking on a love affair with a spin bike…

Wondering: what to ask for for Christmas. Perfume, clothes, exercise stuff? I need to write a list!

Loving: life!

Pondering: report comments. No more needs to be said.

Watching: Netflix and Hulu which I love. There are lots of great new shows out in the US – Mysteries of Laura (with Debra Messing), The Red Band Society, Jane the Virgin, Scandal, Revenge, The Good Wife, and revisiting The Gilmore Girls.

Hoping: for nice weather when we go on school camp in a few weeks.

Marvelling: at nature. I love Spring and watching the change in the flowers. The little lambs and calves born near us are pretty cute too!

Needing: to pre-write some blog posts so I can concentrate on work.

Smelling: lots of different perfumes, trying to find a new favourite.

Wearing: exercise gear – I went to the gym before dinner. Nothing glamourous here this evening!

Following: some of my favourite blogs – Mackiko HomeBaubles, Bubbles and Bags; Enjoying the Small Things and All Cats are Grey at Night.

Knowing: the weather will be great this weekend, and that the food will be delicious when we visit our favourite vegan cafe.

Thinking: about what to say during my end of year speech at the year 6 farewell.

Admiring: all of the pretty offerings in Swarovski.

Sorting: out our house. Still, after three years of living here, we are deciding where to put things and what to do. It is a fun process!

Buying: Christmas presents, and hopefully some exercise gear on the weekend in a two for one special.


Getting: sad about the prospect of handing back my father in law’s lovely car he lent us while they were on holidays. It’s been very nice to drive, and I shall miss it!

Bookmarking: recipes, healthy snacks and favourite blogs.

Opening: a couple of parcels that have arrived this week. It’s always lovely to receive something in the mail.

Giggling: at Andy Samburg’s new TV show, and at tickle fights with the kids.

Feeling: reflective. It’s getting to that time of year.

Snacking: on trail mix, rice crackers, hommus and strawberries.

Coveting: a new bag for work. This one from Hawes and Curtis is lovely.

Helping: at my son’s kindergarten class. Lots of fun!

Hearing: lots of music that 10-12 year olds enjoy, while I make the play list for the end of year farewell. I’m feeling very cool and hip right now.

What are you reading, listening to, enjoying this week? Please join in the conversation below.

* All the pictures in this post were taken by me on a recent trip to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney.


4 thoughts on “Taking Stock

  1. It is nice to read what is happening in your world Sarah. I have picked a few to share. Making: well attempting to make skirts for my nieces. Pondering: the next house project to start on. There are so many!. Thinking: what to do when we come to Sydney for 4 days between Christmas & New Year (any suggestions would be great). Needing: to write a list of things that need to be done between now and the end of the year so it stops floating around in my head.

      • Oh Sarah so many projects. Next one is building a new dining table and making our family room into the dining room. Funnily enough it worked out cheaper to move furniture around than knock down walls ;-). Who would have thought. We are also having our kitchen benchtops and cupboard doors replaced, which also means new splashback and then of course a new light and then of course some prettying things up there too! Regarding the trip to Sydney … we are pretty open. I of course want to go shopping and I have heard there are some awesome places to eat. It is hilarious for somewhere that is a few others away in a plane, I haven’t been to Sydney since I was maybe 10 years old.

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