Classroom Decorating Ideas for 2015

* I have a bit of a different post for you today. I have enjoyed writing my teacher clothing style posts, so I thought today I would touch on classroom decorating ideas for 2015. While it’s not home decorating, it is still in the realm of interior design. I hope you enjoy it.

It is that time of year again for teachers – taking down art work, packing up supplies, and possibly moving classrooms. I love the feeling of a new year and new start. One of the things I look forward to most about a new school year is decorating my new classroom. It is always good to look for new ideas now so you can start to get things in order and make necessary purchases before the end of the school year. I always feel better having my classroom semi-organised before I leave for the holidays.

Since the arrival of Pinterest, teachers have a plethora of inspiration when it comes to decorating classrooms. I found a few that I love that I want to share with you, and I have also created some mood boards of my own. This year was the first year that I have tried to theme my room. I chose aqua, lime green and purple as my colours, and used Chinese lanterns to brighten up the space. Bulletin board borders were made from thick ribbon, and colourful posters hung on the walls. Luckily the person that I job share with is happy to let me have creative control! I am still deciding which theme to go with for next year, but hopefully the ideas below will give us both some inspiration.

School Girl Style

Image Source

Melanie from Schoolgirl Style has amazing taste. She has worked hard to build a design business specifically for teachers, and now travels the country helping people decorate their classrooms. Space is always used well, which is a big inspiration for me as space is at a premium in my classroom. I loved the mix of the bright colours and black and white chevron in the classroom above. Melanie decorated it as a surprise for a teacher who’s school had been destroyed during a tornado, which left her severely injured. If you are after lots of inspiration please check out Schoolgirl Style’s blog and shop. You won’t be disappointed!

A Year of Many Firsts

Image Source

This classroom is beautifully organised, and I can only dream of such a big reading area one day! I love the anchor charts used on the walls. There are so many printables about now, for a range of different topics. Gone are the days where you need to spend hours creating your own. I use Teachers Pay Teachers, Teach Starter and Teach This. Simply print off the posters in your required size, laminate them, and you can use them for years to come.

Aim High Door

Image Source

There are loads of wonderful door ideas floating round at the moment, as the school year has not long started in the United States. I loved this ‘Aim High’ door, where students trace their arms and write their goals for the year on it. I am planning to use the inside of my door, as the outside will be open to the weather. You could match the arms to the colours of your theme, or just stick with a brightly coloured rainbow.

Reading Area

Image Source

This reading area is beautifully organised, especially for students in younger years. They can easily thumb through the picture books in baskets. Home readers could be organised in numbered buckets on the shelf if required. The crate seats are a fantastic, inexpensive idea to add additional seating to your classroom. A cozy rug with some floor pillows also provides a comfortable spot for kids to read.

Style Unearthed’s Classroom Decorating Ideas for 2015

If you are looking for classroom supplies, be sure to try discount shops or party supply shops. You can pick up tissue paper pom poms for $2, and coordinate with bunting, lanterns and colourful caddies that you can store stationery supplies in. Bright classrooms with useful information placed on the walls are my favourite. I frequently rotate anchor charts depending on what we are studying. It is a fun way to play around with the look of the classroom as well. Here are some fun ideas for next year:

Under the Sea

While I will be teaching older kids again next year, I would love to have some littlies to be able to create an under the sea classroom for. Etsy is a treasure chest full of under the sea themed products – there must be a lot of birthday parties and baby showers with this theme! A fishing net on the ceiling provides an additional space to hang sight words, phonics or numbers. You can find the one featured here. The fish scale fabric would be perfect for covering bulletin boards and would make an eye catching backdrop for your students’ work. Decals are a great way to decorate a classroom that isn’t permanently yours, as they are easy to remove and don’t leave any lasting marks. These under the sea pom pom creatures are just gorgeous. The owner of this store makes several different ones, and you can request custom orders to suit your theme. They would look perfect over a reading nook, or around the entry way of the room for a nice, bright welcome.

Tropical Classroom

This theme would be perfect for the Australian Summer time. Luckily, Hawaiian parties must still be in vogue, as there are lots of themed products available. The fresh colours of green, yellow and white brighten up a room and remind me of Splice ice creams. Perfect for the warmer weather! The back drop could be used on a bulletin board, and you could create a themed unit of work to match your classroom decor. Unfilled piñatas make a great alternative to lanterns and pom poms. You could also use flower leis as colourful garlands to brighten your room. You can find all the products for this theme here.

Hot Pink Black and White

Chevron has been a popular decorating theme for homes during the past few years, and classrooms are not immune! I love the look of pairing a bright colour with black and white chevron, and I have chosen hot pink here. The chevron borders would frame work and make it stand out. The black and white printables would look extra cute with a hot pink photo frame. You could hang the pom poms and lanterns in bunches in the corners of the room, or from the ceiling. All of the theming supplies for this mood board came from here.

Sport Stars

Some of my students would have loved a classroom decorated like this for 2014! Like the tropical theme, the sports field background could be used at the back of the classroom to display work. The cut outs of the different sports balls could hang from the roof, or be displayed on the walls. I love the cheerleading pom poms as alternatives to tissue paper poms, and you can find them in a variety of colours. A sporting event would not be complete without a giant inflatable finger, would it? You could also use a fishing net to hold sports balls up near the ceiling for an extra sporty effect. All items can be found here.

I am still undecided about what to do with my classroom for next year, but I am thinking of black accents, and colourful polka dots. We shall see, but I will be sure to share my theme once I have decided! If you’re a teacher, happy almost holidays. Have a relaxing Summer break.

Do you have a classroom to decorate? What theme will you use in 2015? If you’re not a teacher, do you remember any themed classrooms from your time at school?


6 thoughts on “Classroom Decorating Ideas for 2015

  1. My sons prep teacher loves Pinterest, and did a different classroom decoration every term, all year! I can’t get over how much time and effort she must have put into decorating the classroom, only to change it all every 10-12 weeks. It’s seriously cool.

    Not that it impressed the kids, naturally. Second term, she made a waterfall, surrounded by greenery and with a crocodile floating in the water, as part of a study on African/Rainforest animals. Mister 5 just sadly shook his head and said ‘It’s not even a real waterfall’.

  2. Oh wow! Those rooms look fantastic. I can’t remember any decorations like that when I was a kid at school (but that could just be that I was a kid and didn’t notice or that I am too old too remember 😉 ). Go for it I say (even if the kids don’t notice ) because it is nice to be able to decorate your workplace in a way that makes you happy!

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