Uno Noteband – The Smart Wearable

A new wearable device hit the market this week, that marries fashion with many fantastic functions. The Uno Noteband is the smart wearable, and I have sneaky feeling it will shake up the existing market.


I first saw the Uno Noteband on Facebook on the weekend and was immediately intrigued. The premise behind the design is that on average, we unlock and check our smart phones 150 times per day. That is roughly 10 times per hour for the 18-or-so hours we are awake per day, which is pretty ridiculous. I love my iPhone, but find this figure pretty horrifying, and know that I’m guilty of the all too regular phone check! The Uno Noteband is designed to display all of your notifications from email to texts to calendar reminders and social media. Having it on your wrist means you can glance down and see who is calling or messaging you without grabbing your phone out of your pocket or bag. Being able to choose whether you fully interact with your phone based on the importance of who is contacting you will be a good thing. The notifications can be switched on and off with the swipe of a finger should you want to remain uninterrupted, and when you’re ready to view your messages you just need to tap the screen. It will also vibrate gently when an alert comes in.

The Noteband is the first wearable device to integrate Spritz technology, making it incredibly easy to read your messages. You may have heard about Spritz earlier this year – it centres text and displays it one word at a time, easing the strain on your eye muscles and allowing you to read more quickly. The Noteband can allow you to read whole emails quickly on the wristband (up to 600 words per minute), allowing you to view the information and then choose when you want to reply to them. The text on the band is easy to read, and the energy efficient OLED display means that the device will last for days in between charges.


One of the things that I am most excited about is that the Uno Noteband is also a fitness tracker. Being a second generation device, it has a refined accelerometer allowing it to track your daily movements more efficiently. It will also track sleep and tell you how many calories your have burnt during your day. It integrates with a variety of apps including Apple Health (which I am yet to try – I am updating my iOS as we speak so I can play with it) and Google Fit. I have mentioned before that I am a lot more accountable with food and exercise when I am tracking what I put in my mouth and how much I move throughout the day.

Something that the Noteband has got in spades is style. Other bands are rubbery-looking or big and chunky, but this one is sleek and stylish. While it comes in a sleek black finish at the moment, 12 interchangeable bands allow you to alter the design and colours, depending on your wardrobe or activities for the day. I’ve got my eye on the mint and gold version. The alternate bands will be offered in the new year.

Uno mint strap

The Uno Noteband is currently part of an Indiegogo campaign. It launched on Monday, and has already received 72% of funding which will allow the company to go into full production. The devices will be ready to be shipped in March 2015. They can be shipped internationally (all shipping is done through Amazon, so you know you’re going to receive your product). You currently have the opportunity to buy a band at less than half the retail price, so don’t miss out! You can reserve one or learn more about the device here.

* I contacted Uno to see if I could trial a Noteband for the purpose of review. They offered to send me a device in return for this post. All pictures supplied by Uno. 

Do you use any wearable technology? Do you think a Uno Noteband would be useful for you?


9 thoughts on “Uno Noteband – The Smart Wearable

  1. It’s pretty! I’ve been thinking seriously on adopting a wearable item. My husband is military, and so when he’s away, I like to be attached to my phone 24/7- not just because I don’t want to miss a precious call from him, but also because I don’t want to miss a phone call about a sick kid at school, or be able to call out if I slip over in the shower (one of my big fears!).

    I just got the 6+, so I’m also really intrigued to see what the Apple Watch is going to look like early next year! Pretty sure it won’t be mint green and pretty like this one!

  2. I normally can’t stand anything on my wrists but I’ve been wearing a Jawbone UP similar to Fitbit without any real issues. I like the look and sound of this, can’t wait to hear more.

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