Surviving Christmas as a Vegetarian

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Style Unearthed is part of the Mystery Case 12 Bloggers Blogging Christmas series. Since 1 December, bloggers have been sharing their silly season survival tips. By leaving a comment on this post (or the posts of the other 12 bloggers) you will be in with a chance to win a mystery prize. You can find all the details and the other bloggers’ posts here. Today I am talking about my tips for surviving Christmas as a vegetarian. 

One of the things I always looked forward to at Christmas time was my Grandma’s turkey. The huge bird would be eased into the oven early in the morning, and left to cook throughout the day, leaving her tiny kitchen feeling like a sauna. Like all good English Christmas feasts, it would be served with crispy roasted vegetables. Over time, Grandma stopped making hot lunches at Christmas, but I kept the tradition alive on Christmas Eve with my little family.  When I made the choice to become a vegetarian, I knew that roast dinners were something that I would miss.  However, at the time I didn’t know that there were such things as meat free alternatives to roasted meat, and they are delicious! Stereotypical pictures of Christmas frequently feature glazed hams, crisp turkeys or chilled seafood, but being vegetarian doesn’t mean that you need to miss out on the fun (and food!).

Style Unearthed’s Tips for Surviving Christmas as a Vegetarian

Mouthwatering vegan roast

Image Source

1. Do It Yourself Roast

Two years ago, I attempted to make my first nut roast (similar to this one). It was labour intensive, but tasty and very filling. I didn’t think my family had enjoyed it, but my aunty has requested that I make it again this year. There are many options when it comes to a meat free roast. including varieties with nuts and vegetables. One recipe I would love to try is this one from Mouthwatering Vegan. This recipe from Taste features one of my favourite vegetables, in a pumpkin and nut roast. The name Jamie Oliver has become synonymous with Christmas, and this recipe for a cranberry and pistachio nut roast sounds like a dinner (or lunch!) winner.



2. Store Bought Roast

When we have a Sunday roast, it is always with a Vegie Delights veggie roast (sold at Coles). The roast is glazed with extra virgin olive oil, and rubbed with a rosemary and mint rub that comes in the box. It goes crispy on the outside, and has a lovely flavour. This will most likely be what I serve on Christmas Eve, alongside turkey. My best tip for this roast is never to freeze it – it takes ages to thaw! Once you buy it, pop it in your fridge and you can then cook it straight away.

Roast Veg Salad

3. Salads and Other Dishes

The BBC has a fantastic selection of vegetarian recipes that would be at home on a Christmas table, and there are also recipes in this collection that would be perfect leftovers for the next day. It’s always nice to have more than one option to choose from at a meal. One of my favourite things to make for gatherings is my roast vegetable salad, and it is perfect for the warm Australia weather we usually have at Christmas time. There are so many fresh Summer salads that would be the perfect accompaniment to the Christmas table.

4. Always offer to BYO

If you are going to someone else’s house to eat, there is always the question about whether you will be catered for. I offer to bring something vegetarian for myself, that can be shared. That way there is at least one meat-free option, and I can share some delicious food.

What do you normally eat for Christmas lunch/dinner? What is your tip for surviving the silly season?


9 thoughts on “Surviving Christmas as a Vegetarian

  1. We have a very traditional meat based Christmas which I am hosting this year – we always have vegetarian options but this year we also have a vegan and I am surprised at how hard it is with “traditional” Christmas fare – no cream, butter or honey does make some dishes tricky and some impossible – BUT I think it is important to cater to all as the most important thing about Christmas is the time we spend together 🙂

  2. Due to food intolerance my usual Christmas Eve menu is making me rather miserable this year as it’s usually all about the meat and I’m needing to limit that side of things in a big way. Thanks so much for this post and for joining our Christmas line up. I’m off now to read your post on the smart watch, well at least that’s what I think I spied on the front page of your blog…

  3. We always have a large selection of different food to suit everyone. Meats, pastas, salads, vegetable dishes, and of course finish up with a nice range of sweets. There are a couple of vegetarians in the family so they’re always catered for. My tip to surviving is just remember to relax! Christmas is a time to enjoy the moment with those you love and not sweat the small stuff. Merry Christmas! x

  4. We’ve always done a simple bbq, salads and some chilli crabs – sort of like an Asian style Christmas lunch and the left-overs for dinner. Last year we tried the Turducken (turkey, duck & chicken rolled into ONE!) with a few different salads and was surprisingly delicious! So this year, I’m thinking Turducken again.

  5. Great topic as not too many of us think of vegetarians over the festive season, we seem to be to worried about baking turkeys and hams. Well done

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