Christmas Baking – Gingerbread Men

Do you enjoy Christmas baking? A few years ago I baked up a storm and made lots of Christmas gifts in the process. One of the favourite recipes was for gingerbread men, which my Nana has asked for a few times since. The recipe was from a Coles magazine, which I had lost when we moved house. Luckily, they reprinted it this year in their Christmas magazine so I decided to give them another try. My neighbour and her little ones came over for some taste testing and decorating. We let the kids loose with colourful icing and Skittles, popped on some Christmas carols, and set about decorating some gingerbreads to use as gifts.


The recipe I used is incredibly easy, and the biscuits are very gingery. If you’re not a huge fan of ginger, you can cut the quantity down a little. I made two batches of the biscuits, and ended up with around 60 men and star shapes.

I used Nuttelex instead of butter, but everything else was followed exactly. The dough ended up chilling for a couple of hours instead of 30 minutes and as a result I needed to knead it and roll out several times on a floured bench. The shapes worked best when they were about 1.5cm thick. I removed them from the oven when they were lightly brown and placed them on the cooling tray.


The Royal icing was incredibly easy to make, and relatively easy to use. I used a piping bag I picked up from the shops. It took a little while to figure out my ‘technique’ (sounds too professional for what it was!). The icing dried quickly and made it easy to put the M&M’s onto the biscuits.


I picked up a few preserving jars at the supermarket yesterday, and thought they would make great packaging for the biscuits. Unfortunately the gingerbread men wouldn’t quite fit through the opening, so I had to make some modifications to fit them in (they now have one arm each, with the other languishing at the bottom of the jar). I tied some red and white twine around the top, with a gift card attached. They look festive, taste great, and will hopefully be well received on Christmas Day! A quick and easy last minute gift, if you need any ideas.


Do you enjoy baking things at Christmas? Any recipes to share? What’s your favourite Christmas carol?

* I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing day! Drive safely if you are travelling. I will be back on Friday with another post. 


2 thoughts on “Christmas Baking – Gingerbread Men

  1. They look gorgeous and I am sure taste just as yummy as they look. I don’t really bake a lot – I think after having years of a temperamental oven, I kind of got out of the habit. I hope you and your family have a very happy Christmas Sarah!

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