Style Unearthed in 2015

How was your New Year’s Eve? What did you get up to? We have celebrated with the same group of friends for the past few years. We always have a lot of laughs, the kids play beautifully together, and we end up partaking in a board game or two. I wore my new Witchery top I was given for Christmas, my old faithful jeans, and gold sandals.


We had an American themed night, which was basically just an excuse to visit Costco and buy food in enormous quantities. We had burgers, Waldorf salad, chicken wings and a huge apple pie for dessert. I couldn’t find any real doughnuts, so these little chocolate rings of goodness had to do. They are delicious!


We also noticed two visitors in one of our trees during the afternoon – two Tawny Frogmouths. The nature lover in me was very excited! They stayed in the tree grooming each other for several hours, and hopefully they will make our back yard a regular stop over. I love the wild life where we live.

Style Unearthed in 2015

The first week of January is the best time for new starts, and cementing old (positive!) habits. I started Style Unearthed two years ago to figure out my personal style, and because I missed writing after a career change. Over time it has evolved into more than that. I have been able to document and share not only my personal style evolution, but also health and wellbeing tips, recipes, beauty products and changes around our home. These topics, and more, are what you can expect from Style Unearthed in 2015.

I will be aiming to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I will aim to mix up the topics that I post about, but from next week (12 Weeks to Calm will officially launch on 19 January) each Monday will be a 12 Weeks to Calm post until the project is finished in March. If you would like to join in, please email style so I can add you to the contact list. I am planning to send a few special emails while the project is happening.

How to keep in touch with Style Unearthed

You can find me here, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Facebook have made some changes this year, and as a result there will be no organic reach of posts unless they are paid for. To make sure you don’t miss anything click on the ‘Like’ button and make sure you have pressed ‘Get Notifications’. This will mean that you see every post made.

Facebook pic

I am looking forward to sharing the latest trends, delicious recipes, home styling ideas and wellbeing tips with you this year. If there is anything you would like to see on Style Unearthed, or any fashion questions,  please drop me an email at

What did you do on New Year’s Eve? Any exciting plans for 2015?


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