Summer Holiday Essentials

As you read this, I am on holidays with my family (the beauty of blog post scheduling!). My lovely parents-in-law have lent us their camper trailer and we’re spending some quality time with my husband and kids on the coast. We have been looking forward to this holiday for a few months, and are hoping to come back with some friends next year for a longer stay.

As a child we used to spend three weeks each Summer in my grandparent’s caravan right on the beach. I have many happy memories of wandering the caravan park with friends, morning and afternoon swims at the beach, paying for daily ice cream treats with 5 cent coins, and having seemingly endless hours to read books and magazines. I can’t wait to help my own children create these memories and make new ones for myself along the way. We’re planning and overseas trip in a few years time, and hopefully after that we will purchase a camper trailer or caravan of our own.

Just before writing this I was in the midst of packing and I decided to share my Summer holiday essentials – perfect for a trip to the beach!

Holiday Essentials

1. Something to Cool You Down

Smooze ice blocks are the perfect Summer treat. They are made from fruit, are low in sugar and calories, and are dairy free. My whole family loves them, and thanks for my father in law’s fancy fridge/freezer we will be able to enjoy them during our holiday.

 2. Something to Read

I am a big fan of the holiday read. This break has already seen me finish one of my Christmas books, and this Patricia Cornwell book is next on my list. I have also loaded my reading apps on the iPad, and have a stack of magazines at the ready. Having time to read without the distractions of home will be such a luxury. There is nothing like getting lost in a good book!

3. Something to Protect Your Skin

After being out in the sun for less than half an hour on the weekend, with sunscreen, saw me turn a shade of pink. I am a notorious sun screen slatherer, and probably drive my whole family nuts in the process. This holiday will be no different. Make sure you pack the Factor 50+ and stay under a beach shade or umbrella. Make sure you check the use by date of your stash from last year to ensure it will protect you. You can purchase new sunscreen for the Summer from the Cancer Council.

4. Something to Shade You

I am always on the look out for a new hat, and a wide brimmed one would be the perfect addition to my collection this year. I loved this one from The Hat Store. The brim is wide enough to offer great sun protection, but has enough structure that you can still see out from underneath it to enjoy the view.

5. Something to Carry

A beach bag is a must, especially when trekking to the beach with others. You need somewhere to store water, towels, sunscreen and sunglasses. We are planning to visit the Ocean and Earth outlet when we are down the coast, and I will keep my eye out for this number. It is nice enough to double as a relaxed handbag if you venture into town for lunch and a spot of shopping.

6. Something to Cover Up

A light cotton kaftan or maxi dress is the perfect accessory for getting from beach to accommodation, or accommodation to afternoon drinks. The cotton will keep you cool and is also quick to dry in case it becomes wet after your swim. It can be paired with cute thongs for a relaxed vibe, or dressed up with Summery sandals. I normally avoid kaftans as the shape doesn’t do anything for me, but I this cute offering from Jets Impulse features a tie waist. You can shop for it here.

What are your holiday essentials? What’s in your beach bag?


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