Friday Fajita Recipe

When you’re look for a quick, easy to make and delicious meal, look no further than something Mexican. While it’s not always the healthiest (omit the sour cream and too many tortillas to lower the calories) it is always a dinner winner in our house. This week we had some beef left over from another meal, so we decided to make fajitas. It’s a super easy mid-week meal, and you can pack it full of vegetables.


Fajita Recipe

You will need:

– Protein of some sort: beef, four bean mix, black beans, or chicken are perfect.

– A variety of vegetables: char grilled capsicum, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, avocado, onion, grated carrot and mushroom are all fantastic.

– Dairy: cheese of your choice (we used Monteray Jack this time and it was delicious!) and sour cream if you wish.

– Old El Paso fajita kit.


– Chop and grate all of your ingredients.

– Cook meat until tender, or beans until warmed through. Add the fajita sauce and simmer.

– Heat tortillas in microwave as per instructions.

– Assemble your tortillas with your chosen ingredients. I find folding the bottom up, and then the sides in holds it together really well.

– Enjoy!

What are your favourite mid-week meals? Do you have any specialities?


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