12 Weeks to Calm – Week One

Welcome to the 12 Weeks to Calm project. If you choose to participate, you are making a commitment to your health and wellbeing, both inside and out. Whether you’re suffering from anxiety, not feeling yourself, or just need a re-boot for the new year, you are in the right place. The project will work through a set of challenges over the next 12 weeks to rebalance your equilibrium and restore calm to your busy life.

What will the program entail?

Each Monday a new post will be uploaded on styleunearthed.com. Over the 12 weeks we will look at triggers for your mood, creating a plan to de-stress, exercise plans, wholesome food to make you feel good, how psychology can benefit us and the fantastic art of meditation. All of these strategies are aimed to help you to feel great.

What do I need to do?

If you haven’t already, feel free to subscribe to the 12 Weeks to Calm newsletter by emailing styleunearthed@gmail.com. The newsletter will contain additional information to the posts, including links to interesting article, different discussion points and strategies to try. How you complete the project is entirely up to you – you can be as involved as much or as little as you like. You may like to record your notes and progress in a diary, a notebook or use a Happiness Journal like this one from Kikki K. I will be using my Active Living Planner from Lorna Jane and social media posts to track my progress. Goals could be displayed where you would see them every day – on your fridge, on the bathroom mirror, beside your bed, or even programmed to pop up as reminders in your phone.

If you are active on social media you may like to share your progress on there. You can tag your posts with #12weekstocalm which will allow others participating to see your posts and support you in your journey. You can find me on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) under the username styleunearthed, and it would be great if you could tag me so I can cheer you on. If you have a blog you can participate in the link up which will appear on the post each Monday.

12 Weeks to Calm – Week One – Triggers and Your Current Mood

This week it is time to assess how you are feeling. How have you felt over the past week, the past month, the past six months? Take time each day this week to write down a few sentences about your mood. Are you feeling low, anxious, or annoyed? Is there anything in particular that is making you feeling this way? If you get anxious, what are some things that set you off? My triggers are going to unknown places, stressful situations, and becoming sick. These situations can send me into a tail spin incredibly quickly, but by identifying them as triggers I can recognise what is happening when my fight or flight instinct starts taking over. Knowing what my triggers are allows me to have an element of control over situations that I enter into, but also helps me put the strategies I use to calm myself into place quickly.

How are you feeling? Do you have any triggers for anxiety?

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4 thoughts on “12 Weeks to Calm – Week One

  1. My blog post today, is certainly highlighting my need for calm. Looking forward to this challenge. I’m going to head out and find the right happiness journal first thing tomorrow.

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