Daily Burn – The Best Fitness Anywhere

One of the things I am aiming to conquer during my 12 Weeks to Calm is to stop making excuses to exercise. There is always an excuse ‘The kids need x, y, z’, ‘Work is busy’, ‘I am tired’. I was so good at making excuses that I wasn’t moving my body as much as I should. I go to the gym a couple of times a week, but I am definitely not exercising to my full potential. Enter Daily Burn. Numerous ads have been gracing my TV and piqued my interest. The workouts looked fun and challenging, with enough variety that I wouldn’t be bored. With a free month offered, there was nothing to lose. And now I’m hooked!


Daily Burn – The Best Fitness Anywhere

Daily Burn is an American subscription service dedicated to providing you with the best fitness anywhere. You can access the program through your computer or apps on devices which can then be streamed to your television through Apple TV and the like. There are currently 17 programs, with new ones added all the time. Each program contains a variety of workouts ranging from easy to difficult, using little or no equipment (weights, medicine balls, yoga mats and steps have all be used in my program). You do not need to own specialist equipment – a soccer ball, towel or even a full water bottle can act as medicine balls and weights. So far, my favourite is the Cardio Sculpt program which focusses on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to burn fat and create muscle. You can follow the program to the letter, or dip in and out with workouts that you enjoy. The workouts range from 15 to 50 minutes, so even if you only have a quarter of an hour, you can still squeeze in a high impact workout. I’m looking forward to trying some of the more complicated programs once I pick my fitness up a bit more. Each program also has a nutrition and supplement guide with recipe suggestions, which if you follow, you will really get the best out of your workout. There are also great recovery sessions, either purely stretching or yoga classes specifically aimed at soothing sore muscles.



The trainers are experienced (Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser is one) and they will motivate you while training in a safe way at your level. Three people demonstrate each exercise, with one performing a modified version and the other showcasing a more complicated range of movements while the main trainer is there to demonstrate and motivate. The handy timer at the bottom of the screen lets you know how many more seconds of an exercise you have left to do, and let me tell you, sometimes you’ll be begging for that little blue line to move across the screen! If you have your device set to dual screen mode it will display your heart rate if you’re wearing a compatible monitor, the exercises you have coming up, and how many calories you have burnt (approximately – unless you’re wearing a HRM). There is also a Daily Burn challenge that accompanies each workout, and you can input your numbers through the app to keep track of your progress.


You can watch a video preview of each workout before you start, and the first screen will give you a level of difficulty, the estimated calories you will burn, and the equipment you will need.

One of the things I love is that the trainers are real people – Judi above is a mum of two, and my other favourite trainer Anja is a paediatric nurse. Yes they’re paid to train people, but they make time in their busy lives to exercise too.


Fast, like lightning!

While they can sometimes be distracting, my kids love to join in and even act like a little cheer squad which is great when you’re on the last set and feel like you’ve had enough! Even though it’s only been a week since I have been doing the program, it feels like a nice routine part of my day. I look forward to getting up and exercising. I’m full of energy and feel fantastic. I have been eating well and tracking both calories and macronutrients, but I have noticed my body changing already which is great motivation to keep going.

The Important Facts

– Daily Burn is a subscription service. While you will be eligible for one free month, you will continue to be charged $12.95 per month as an ongoing fee. You can pay an extra $15 a month to be assigned your own personal trainer who you can contact with questions and concerns. If you’re new to exercise, this might be a very worthwhile service for the first couple of months.

– Make sure you work out at your level. Form is more important than the repetitions you get out, so ensure you’re doing the exercises correctly.

– Check with your doctor before you start a new exercise program, especially if you’re not used to exercising.

– Choose something fun! Exercise that becomes a chore is just boring and unsustainable. Find something you like, mix it up, and you’ll be able to stick with it. Whether you love sports drills, kickboxing, martial arts, yoga or kettle bells, there is something for you on Daily Burn. The trainers will often remind you to relax your face and smile, and it really does feel better than grimacing!

– Get your food in check if you want results. Eating junky food and exercising everyday won’t make a difference to your health or body shape. Tracking what you put in your mouth with an app or diary is a great way to monitor your intake.


Have you tried Daily Burn or similar? What types of exercise do you love?

* Some of my favourite bloggers are also discussing exercise this week. Norlin from Baubles, Bubbles and Bags is talking about exercise and mood, Sonia from Sonia Styling tells you how to do a HIIT workout at home, Rachel from Redcliffe Style is sharing her tips for finding your exercise motivation, and Nikki from Styling You gives you 57 ways to change up your lifestyle this year


7 thoughts on “Daily Burn – The Best Fitness Anywhere

  1. Great review Sarah! It’s like having your own personal trainer without actually having to see one – although the $15 p/mth extra to have a trainer assigned is also a great option. Thanks of linking up to my post too. xx

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