12 Weeks to Calm – Week Two

Picture - Thank yourself

Welcome to 12 Weeks to Calm – week two. How was your first week? Did you identify your triggers – things that make you anxious or stressed? This week we are going to be making plans and setting goals for the next five weeks.

How many goals?
We’re going to give ourselves the best chance of goal setting success today and write down three main things you would like to achieve by the end of the sixth week of this project. If you have a few sub-goals as well that is fine, but try and stick with a small number so you have more chance of completing them. Don’t forget that you will have another chance to set more later on in the project.

What should I aim for?
Have a think about what you would like to achieve – are you aiming to reduce your triggers, to reduce your feelings of anxiety, would you like to get your exercise or food intake in check, or give meditating a try?

One thing to consider, especially in these first six weeks, is how achievable the goals will be. Try to choose something you know you can do, so you can taste success in the first half of the project. This will spur you on for the next six weeks. You can use these goals as a starting point, and extend them when you go through the second planning cycle in week seven. Don’t be afraid to start small, as you can always expand on the goal later on.

How are you going to record your goals?
Did you start a notebook or diary last week? You could write them down there, share them on social media with #12weekstocalm, make yourself a note in your phone or write a blog post to share in the link up. I created a printable note that I am sharing below so that you can print out to record your goals. Pop it in a prominent place so that you are reminded of them every day. The choice, of course, is yours. Remember to record it so you that you make your goals stick.

Goals - weeks 1 to 6


Feel free to print this note card out to record your goals. Just right-click, save it as a jpeg and then print.

Please feel free to share your goals on social media with the hashtag #12weekstocalm or join the blog link up. We are all here to support each other in our journey to calm. If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter please email Sarah at styleunearthed@gmail.com The newsletters contain extra information and interesting links, so make sure you don’t miss out. It’s not too late to subscribe.

What are your goals for weeks 1-6 of your 12 Weeks to Calm?


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