Rose Gold Jewellery

When I was in primary school I remember rose gold becoming popular, and saving up my birthday money for a ring in the shape of a dolphin from a proper jewellery shop. It was my first ‘good’ jewellery purchase. I felt incredibly grown up! Luckily my tastes have moved on from dolphins, and I decided to share my favourite rose gold jewellery. I used to wear a lot of white gold or silver, but when I was given a rose gold watch for my 30th birthday last year I bought a bracelet to match. My family gave me some beautiful earrings at Christmas time, and I have a feeling that these pieces are a sign of things to come!

Rose gold is made from a combination of gold, silver and copper (which gives the rose colour). It has had a resurgence lately, with lots of companies now producing their gold items in three colours – yellow, white and rose. It’s nice having a refreshing option, which looks great with so many skin tones.

Rose Gold Collage

1. Thomas Sabo bangle – $499. You can’t go wrong with a simple bangle. Thomas Sabo has some beautiful rose gold pieces, but I loved the simplicity of this one. It’s something you can wear every day, or add it as part of a bangle stack for evening wear.

2. The Nina, The Adorn Collective – $25. While this necklace isn’t strictly rose gold, the bronze colour is very close. I love the mixed metallics and the wooden bead. It’s a very versatile piece at a great price point. You should buy yourself two!

3. Anchor pendant, Linda Tahija – $149. Pendants are a great way to dress up plain tops, especially for work. This anchor pendant would look great with Breton strips for a nautical look, or would stand out on a plain black tee.

4. Bolt earrings, Swarovski – $119. These are the gorgeous earrings I was given for Christmas. I have been wearing them a lot, and they definitely add a little bit of sparkle to your day.

5. Rose Sparkles necklace, Dainty and Bold – $38. I first found Dainty and Bold on Instagram and fell in love with their gorgeous jewellery. I loved this fine pendant that features cubic zirconias in a rose gold cage. A matching bracelet is also available.

6. Cuff and rings combo, AlinMay (Etsy) – $33.04. This cuff is a show stopper! It comes with a variety of matching rings so you can quickly add to your rose gold jewellery collection.

7. Bevel Plaque necklace, Fossil – $69. The watch I was given for my 30th is from Fossil, and I was very pleased to see that they have lots of other rose gold offerings. I loved this necklace – it has a slightly unusual shape, and also some sparkle. It is a great price, like many of Fossil’s other products.

Do you like rose gold jewellery? What piece is your favourite?


6 thoughts on “Rose Gold Jewellery

  1. LOVE rose gold and while I’m reading your post, I’m multi-tasking and putting some rose gold jewellery into my online shopping cart too 😉

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