Inspirational Instagram Accounts to Follow

Instagram Accounts


I have been having lots of discussions about body image this week. A work colleague asked me to fill out a survey about the topic for her daughter’s school assignment, and a group of friends were also discussing it. I am trying to get my thoughts in order to write a post about the topic, as I believe it is incredibly important, but in the meantime I wanted to share some inspirational Instagram accounts to follow with you. One of the responses I added on the survey was to surround yourself with people that inspire you, and encourage you to be the best version of yourself that you can be. A great place to do this is on Instagram, where you can get snippets of other people’s exercise routines, food, or lifestyle. I wanted to share a few of my favourites with you.



You guys know all about my love affair with Daily Burn by now! Their Instagram account is great, sharing daily challenge, inspirational quotes, workout ideas and recipes. You can also see snippets of videos and behind the scenes workout action.



Food Daily is a great website with absolutely delicious recipes. I subscribe to their email newsletter and have tried lots of their recipe ideas. For healthy food ideas and inspiration, definitely click their ‘follow’ button. You may also have the chance to download free recipe e-books.



Anja is one of my favourite Daily Burn instructors. Her workouts are both fun and challenging, and you will keep going back for more! Along with shooting workout videos for Daily Burn, she’s also a paediatric nurse and fitness instructor at a huge LA gym. She shares pictures of her workouts, great quotes to get you moving and snippets of her every day life. Anja promotes healthy eating and lots of exercise, and judging by her trademark smile, it’s obviously doing some good!



The Weight Watchers account is one of my favourites. They share lots of pictures from their members, so you can find many other people to draw inspiration from. They also post great recipe ideas, links to real member stories and workout ideas. Weight Watchers has changed this year, and they’ve shifted to really focus on the health benefits of finding your healthy weight.



Lorna Jane is one of Australia’s favourite activewear brands. By following their account you’ll see lots of their gorgeous offerings, along with lots of active inspiration inline with their move, nourish, believe philosophy. One tip? Hide your credit card!



Kayla is a qualified personal trainer who has exploded onto the exercise scene with her Bikini Body Transformation Guide. Through clean eating recipes and an exercise program, Kayla will help you improve your fitness. She posts lots of before and after pictures of her participants for inspiration, which are great to see.

Do you have any favourite Instagram accounts to share? I’m always looking for news accounts to follow.


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