Ego Professional Ego Trip Review


Just before Christmas I was at the hair dressers for my pre-festive season cut and colour, and we started chatting about hair dryers that they had in stock. My hair dryer is a very old one that I permanently ‘borrowed’ from my Mum when I moved out of home nine years ago. It didn’t seem to be doing a very good job at completely drying my hair anymore (surprise, surprise!). The hair dresser told me that they had just started stocking a new line of products called Ego Professional after seeing them at an event, and that they had fallen in love with them. They think the products are great and have started using them full time in the salon. There was a cute travel pack called Ego Trip (the products have great names) with a travel hair dryer and straightener, so I decided to treat myself and buy it. While I still love using my full sized ghd, having a travel straightener was a good idea as well. The hair dryer is almost as powerful as the full sized one, just with fewer features. I am nowhere near a hair professional, so something simple was going to be fine. As I was in holiday mode, I didn’t straighten my hair much so it’s only now that I’m back at work that I am really having an opportunity to play with it.

Ego Professional Ego Trip Review

I hadn’t heard of the Ego brand before. It is from the United Kingdom, and has been created by hairdressers who saw the need for affordable hair care products that could be used in salon or at home. The tools all use Tourmaline and HW2 (HWANGTO) ceramic technology which is designed to lock in moisture, seal the hair cuticle and create frizz free results. This technology is derived from naturally occurring minerals found in Korean pine forests.

When the hair dresser used the products the result was great. She is a blow dry expert, and barely needed the straightener to smooth the hair over. The dryer was very effective at removing the moisture. I am not a blow dry expert, but when I section my hair and style it with a round brush it was definitely more effective than my old hair dryer. It was a lot smoother and definitely less frizzy. I have very thick hair that can be difficult to manage, so finally having a good blow dryer is wonderful. The dryer also comes with a volumising cup and a directional nozzle for the perfect blow dry. The straightener is on-par with my ghd. As it is only small I don’t know how effective it would be on long, thick hair, but it is okay on mine when I straighten small sections at a time. It doesn’t feel like it holds as much heat as my ghd, but that could be due to it’s size. It is really easy to create waves, which is great. If you have short hair it would be a lot easier to use than a full size straightener. It is definitely a great set to take travelling, as it has a dual voltage kit, and would also be perfect for your gym bag if you go from exercise to work. The straightener could also be stashed in your handbag if you are planning a night out after work and need a bit of a freshen up on your way out the door. You can see the products in action in the video below.

So far I have been very happy with my purchase. At $125 AUD it was a very reasonable purchase for the products included. The full sized hair dryers start at $235, and the small version is only less powerful by about 200 watts. The straightener has a swivel cord which means it is easy to manoeuvre on either side of your head. The cords on both products are extra long, and made from strong materials to protect from fraying and cracking.


If you’re looking for new hair products I would definitely give Ego Professional a go, as the new kid on the block. I don’t think you will be disappointed!

Have you used Ego Professional products before? What is your favourite hair product?


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