Six Tips for Buying Comfy Shoes

I have spent this week wearing my latest accessory – an ankle guard. I sprained my ankle on Monday, and have had a very quiet week resting up on the couch. For someone who doesn’t like to sit still for long, I have found it very hard. One advantage is finding new TV shows to watch (try The Mindy Project if you haven’t already!), and reading books. One disadvantage of having a dodgy ankle is having to wear supportive shoes which isn’t much fun when we’re still having humid weather – luckily I bought new trainers just before Christmas. Supportive shoes and cool don’t normally go hand in hand. I have been researching comfy shoes for work and play in preparation for returning to work next week, where I need to dress professionally, but with comfortable and supportive footwear. My bargain ballet flats won’t cut it for the next six weeks when I am restricted to know weight bearing exercise, with no walking on uneven ground. Today I am sharing some cool trainers and stylish, flat work shoes with you.

Comfy Shoes

1. Diana Ferrari Ruth – $129.95 | 2. Nike Roshe Run – $100 3. Monaco Womens’ Comfort Slip On – $119.95 | 4. Adidas ZX Flux NPS – $130  | 5. Reebok Skyscrape Runaround – $54.99 (on sale) | 6. Diana Ferrari Jayde – $129.95 | 7. Sketcher Go Sleek – $29 | 8. Diana Ferrari Flex – $119.95

Six Tips for Buying Comfy Shoes 

– Get properly sized. Pregnancy, weight loss and swelling can all alter your shoe size. If you haven’t had your feet measured for a while, ask the shoe shop attendant to measure your feet so you can get the correct size.

– Wear socks. If you are buying trainers, make sure you take socks along that you will normally wear. This way you can make sure the shoes are comfortable.

– Proper support. Make sure the base of the shoe is broad so it offers the most amount of support. Ideally, shoes with a heel of less than 4 centimetres should be worn.

– Suitable cushioning. The midsole should be cushioned enough to absorb the shock of walking and running. This will help to protect your knees and ankles.

–  Check your step. Stores like The Athlete’s Foot have special pads you can walk on to check where the pressure is on your foot, and they will fit you with the perfect pair of shoes for you.

– Try on multiple pairs. Pick out some styles that you like online and try, try, try. The lining shouldn’t rub on your feet, and the arch and fastenings should support you without hurting.


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