12 Weeks to Calm – Week Six

Picture - Astrid Alauda

We’re half way! Welcome to the 12 Weeks to Calm – week six.

This week it is time to reflect on your goals, and reassess them for the next six weeks. Will you build on the goals that you have already been working on, or make new ones? How was the first six weeks for you? Did your anxiety reduce? Do you feel calmer?

For the next six weeks I am still planning to focus on exercise and food, along with making sure I have ‘me time’ every week. Whether it is reading a book in my room for a while, going out for a coffee or giving myself a pedicure. I would also like to read more – even just 10 minutes before bed rather than flicking through my phone once more. I have a mountain of books I am yet to get through, so hopefully getting back into a good reading routine will help me finish them.

Think about your goals and what you would like to achieve over the final six weeks. I am looking forward to working with you to achieve our goals. You can print out the goal setting sheet below to record your aims for the final six weeks.

My Goals - weeks 7-12


As always, feel free to share on social media with the hashtag 12weekstocalm, and @styleunearthed so I am able to see the posts.

Looking forward to the next six weeks!


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