Simple, Healthy Mid Week Dinner Idea


Tuesday afternoons are busy in our household. I have a staff meeting, and Mr Style Unearthed has soccer training, so in between reading practice and homework there is not a lot of time for an elaborate dinner. A good stir fry is a simple, healthy mid week dinner idea that is sure to be a winner with the whole family.

A few weeks ago I was doing the groceries and spotted a packet of microwavable quinoa and brown rice. We often buy the packets of brown rice if we’re short on time – 90 seconds in the microwave and they’re ready to go (and you don’t have to wash up an extra saucepan!). I decided to try the version with added quinoa and was so glad I did. It contains extra protein and it’s a great way to sneak more into your diet. The fact that the packet says it aids muscle and tissue repair is also a plus – my ankle needs all the help it can get! Both Sun Rice and Coles have a version of the quick rice and quinoa, and it’s a great low GI grain alternative.


Quinoa and Brown Rice Stir Fry (serves four)


1 packet microwavable quinoa and brown rice

1 packet honey, soy and garlic stir fry sauce

1/2 a cup cashews

1/2 a cup frozen peas and corn

1 and 1/2 cups of mixed vegetables (I used snow peas, carrot, shallots, broccoli and capsicum)


Stir fry vegetables in a large wok.

While the vegetables are cooking, heat quinoa and rice in microwave as per packet instructions.

Add quinoa and rice to the vegetables.

When warmed through, add sauce.

When the sauce has warmed, serve in bowls and top with cashews.

If you didn’t want a vegetarian version, meat is easily added. The rest of my family often have this with chicken, beef or tuna.


This dinner also becomes great lunch leftovers for the next day, but you may not have any left if your family enjoys it as much as mine does!

What are your favourite mid week dinners?


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