Guest Post – Dressing Up a Work Desk

Choose a comfy chair, and let me make you a cup of tea, because we have a guest visiting today! Meredith (or Mim, to her friends) is a 30-something design freak who lives in Sydney and loves working with creative people and brands. Mim is sharing some tips for dressing up a work desk. Please make her feel welcome!

Dressing Up a Desk

I am not someone who watches hours of TV a week, however I do find myself sitting in front of a computer screen for many, many hours each week. My desk and work space was an area that until recently was just a desk, just a computer, just bleh! So I have funked it up a little and made it a place where I want to sit. It’s now looking pretty schmick!

Metallics are very hot right now and I love mixing a dark solid colour with a pop of metallic. They look fantastic together! I have put a few of my favourite pieces together that can lift your work space and make it a place where you might not ever want to leave… That’s probably pushing it, but you get where I am going.

Work Desk

1. The Bunsen (oil burner, vase, terrarium) by Borr – $65 | 2. Black and Grey Herringbone pencil case by One Busy Sloth – $25  | 3. Black and White Coasters by Studio Astratta – $34.95 | 4. Concrete Houses by Belushi Handmade – $16 | 5. Metallic Space Rock Lunar Concrete Bowl by Nothing But Vintage – $64 |     6. Make It Happen print by Anrol Designs – $22 | 7. Fabric Storage Basket by Pumpkin Pie Creations – $23 | 8. Solar Powered Mason Jar Lantern by Two Cracked Jars – $17

The best bit about shopping for the items above is that you can actually feel good about your purchases, as they are all handmade in Australia. You can’t find that in a shopping mall! I hope you can pick a couple of pieces that you want to bring to your table and funk up your work space, like I have mine.


Meredith is the owner and creative force of DeeDub Designs. You can shop their homewares, prints and invitations on their website and MadeIt store. Support handmade businesses, and shop away!

What does your work space look like? Does it have a particular style?



5 thoughts on “Guest Post – Dressing Up a Work Desk

  1. One time I took a mini-vase of fake flowers into work to put on my desk. The entire office freaked out. Every single person stopped to comment on the flowers, and it started a bit of a flowers-on-desk movement.

    That’s pretty much the moment I knew this particular workplace wasn’t for me!

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