12 Weeks to Calm – Week Ten

This week is Meat Free Week, which was founded by Lainie Bracher and Melissa Hobbs in 2013. It’s no secret that I am a vegetarian, and I wrote about Meat Free Week last year here. This year, I thought I would tie it in to a 12 Weeks to Calm challenge.

It can be good to shake your diet up a bit. Few of us have a perfect diet, and trying new, healthier recipes can be fun. This week, I’m going to challenge you to eat meat free for five days. If you can’t manage meat free, you could try reducing your meat consumption. There are so many delicious options, and maybe it will open you up to eating less meat in your daily life.


I have shared lots of vegetarian recipes in the past that can have meat added, or a meat free protein (beans, legumes or ‘fake’ meat). We all have our favourite meals that we make on high rotation, but it’s always good to try out something new. Some of my favourites are veggie burgers, lentil pie, roast veggie salad, vegetarian roast dinner and caramelised onion and tomato tart. You can see those here.


A simple search for easy vegetarian recipes on Taste.com.au yields fantastic results, which you can see here. I am very keen to try the chargrilled vegetables with cous cous, and the chickpea zucchini fritters.

I have also found lots of delicious meat free recipes from Jamie Oliver, the BBC and Lifestyle Food. Thankfully vegetarian recipes are a lot more easy to come by now than they have been in past years, and it has become a little easier eating out.

I take the opportunity to try new things when I am out, and that helps give me inspiration for our meals at home. I have been meaning to make a super bowl like we tried at a vegan restaurant last year. You won’t be disappointed!


This week, I am going to pledge to try this recipe. I promise to share it when we’ve given it a test run.

What vegetarian recipe are you going to try this week? Care to share your favourite recipe?


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