Salt Dough Easter Ornaments

A week off sick with laryngitis for me has subsequently meant no activities outside the home for the small one. Instead, we’ve entertained ourselves with games and craft. With Easter coming up it was easy pickings when it came to ideas, and thankfully Pinterest is an absolute gold mine when it comes to craft. We decided to experiment with some salt dough Easter ornaments. They are surprisingly easy to make, and the kids loved helping.


I followed the recipe from here. We just made one batch, which was enough to produce around 20 ornaments. I put a cup of plain flour, half a cup of salt and half a cup of water into the KitchenAid with the dough hook attachment. Once the dough was mixed I sprinkled a little flour on the bench and kneaded it a some more by hand. We used a rolling pin to flatten it so it was around 1cm thick. Use cookie cutters to cut the ornaments into your desired shape (we used bunnies and eggs). Place the ornaments on an oven tray, and make holes for pieces of twine by pressing a drinking straw into the top of the shape. Bake the dough at 120 degrees Celsius for two hours.


Once the ornaments have cooled (we left them overnight) they will be ready to decorate. Ours were a little rustic looking, and some of them rose a little in the oven. While they don’t look perfect, it was more about making memories and having fun with my kids.


You can paint the ornaments with acrylic paint or spray paint. I chose two inexpensive sets of paint from the two dollar shop – a pearlescent set and some glitter paint – a must for a fairy loving three year old! The pearlescent paint actually reminding me of Easter egg wrappers, and it would be easy to paint patterns on the ornaments. The coverage was good, and one coat was more than enough. Next time, I would try a matte colour and then experiment with drawing patterns over the top with a permanent texta. I tied pieces of twine on before we painted them so they were easy to handle and then hang up to dry.


I hung mine on a metal Ikea stand that I normally use at Christmas time. It looks great on the sideboard, but the ornaments would make a cute addition to your Easter table placed in a bowl. You could also use them as place cards for a more formal Easter meal, and tie them to rolled up napkins. They are inexpensive to make, and provide lots of fun for all concerned. They’re a must-do Easter long weekend activity!

Do you make Easter decorations? Do you have any ideas for me to try?


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