Household Hacks

Household Hacks

I am no domestic goddess, so anything that makes chores more simple is very welcome in my eyes! I have long been a fan of household tips and tricks pages in magazines, and have discovered a few nifty things over the years thanks to them. A few weeks ago my mother in law shared one of her favourite tips when I mentioned I needed to clean my oven – fill your laundry sink with a mix of hot water and Napisan, and pop the wire shelves in for an hour or two. While not every part will become clean due to this, a scrub will get the rest off and you will left with sparkling clean shelves. After discovering that this tip worked, I shared it with some friends in a Facebook group, and in turn asked them to share theirs. They’ve given me permission to let you in on their clever household hacks.


As you stack your dishwasher over the day, separate your cutlery into like sections (spoons together, forks together etc). When the wash is done, the cutlery is already sorted and it takes three seconds to unpack it into the drawer. I loathe dealing with cutlery so this simple trick has made me much, much happier. It’s such a little thing and actually pretty silly but it does make a huge difference – Carla.

Make your own cleaning paste (similar to Gumption) using bicarb soda, add enough water to make a very thick paste. Add a few drops or essential oils such as lemon, tea tree, peppermint. Works great for cleaning in the bathroom, high chairs come up a treat too. All natural, no chemicals – Louise.

Bread tags are great for scraping stubborn food spots off pots without scratching the pot – Amanda.

I use a miracle spray cleaner – 1.5 litres water (1 cup boiling), 300ml vinegar, 60ml dishwashing liquid, 25ml eucalyptus oil, 3 dessert spoons washing soda. Mix washing soda with 1 cup boiling water to dissolve. Add remaining ingredients. Pour into 2 litre bottle. Fill a spray bottle for use. I use this for anything that needs a general clean (kitchen / bathroom) as well as items like the kettle, stainless steel fridge etc. – Belinda. 

Before you clean the microwave, pop a bowl of warm water and a few drops of eucalyptus oil inside. Microwave on high for one minute. This makes cleaning it much easier as the steam will help dislodge any stains – Lana.


Pour vinegar in your toilet bowl and leave overnight. It helps remove the scale from hard water – Anna.

Scrub the grout in the shower with a nail file. It will get into the hard to reach spots that a bigger brush can’t reach – Natalie.


Hang clothes belonging to each person in one section of the washing line or clothes airer. This will make folding and putting away much less time consuming. I also hang clothes that need to be ironed separately so I don’t have to sort through the clothes to find the ones that need ironing – Abbie.

Fold your washing straight off the line so it be put straight away, otherwise you end up with mounds of folding around the house – Lisa.

I put all the socks in a bra bag. This way none get lost and they are together so you can hang them together and then just roll as soon as you pull them in – Michelle.

Have a bucket of metho in the laundry for hard to remove stains, just dip it in and hard stains such as paint, texts, sweat and sunscreen just wash out. It is truly amazing – Rose.

Sard Wonder Soap is fantastic for removing stains from white and coloured shirts. Wet the shirt and the soap, scrub, and then wash with stain remover in the washing machine – Sharon.

Do you have any household hacks that are life savers? Feel free to share them below and I will add them to the post.


6 thoughts on “Household Hacks

  1. The biggest time saver in my life is hanging all my clothes except my underwear obviously 😉 on hangers on the line (not on the line with pegs). Takes up less space and when they are dry – they get put away or if they require ironing straight onto an ironing rack. Then it is just a quick whip over with the iron because most of the creases are gone and they are not all scrunched up in a basket getting more creases. Great list Sarah!

  2. You know…Miss 11 actually requested that we separate the forks and spoons when we stack them in the dishwasher so it makes it easier for her to put it away once it’s cleaned? Wow…smart girl because someone else also recommended that here!

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