Trim For Life Launch

I read an article a couple of weeks ago about a new health program and accompanying app, Trim For Life. It piqued my interest and started to do a little more research about it. The program was developed by Geoff Jowett, a weight loss coach who founded the successful program Body Trim, and the Weightloss and Health Institute. It is designed to improve your diet, while taking a holistic approach and also overhaul your lifestyle. The Trim for Life team believe that the difference that sets this program apart is it’s personalised approach. The app will vary depending on your personal goals and achievements along the way. Coincidentally, a week after I read the article I was invited to the launch of the program. The few times I have been invited to blog related events I have been unable to attend because they have been held on work days. Luckily, this one was held in the school holidays. My cousin came along as my plus-one, which eased my nerves a little!


The launch was a relaxed affair, with people chatting over green juices and sampling the recipes that feature on the app. Many of the 13 experts involved in the program were available to chat to, which was great. We were introduced to the program by MC Kris Smith, and watched a video showing some of the successes from the 600-person strong beta testing phase. Geoff Jowett and co-founder Ben Pettit (who has lost 30 kilograms using the program, and wants to lose a further 30) were proud as punch to see their plans come to fruition.

Image 2

Alex Kearns and Ben Pettit with examples of breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes

Chef Alex Kearns demonstrated some recipes that are included in the meal plans to show everyone just how easy it is to cook quickly and eat healthily. Tobie Puttock is the chef responsible for many of the recipes featured in the program, but as his wife had gone into labour that morning he had to skip the launch (understandably!).

After the formalities were over we were able to chat with the experts who have decided to put their names behind the program. My talk with cardiologist Dr Ross Walker was especially interesting, and he dispelled quite a few myths about high cholesterol and heart health. He shared his five tips for a healthy lifestyle, which are simple to follow and would benefit everyone.

1. No addictions – If you drink too much alcohol, smoke, or take any drugs, there is no way you can be healthy.

2. Get enough sleep – Dr Ross recommends between seven and eight hours per night. My cousin and I chuckled at this, as we each have two small children. He reminded us that it is just a phase, and that minimum amounts of sleep will pass. Dr Ross said that creating positive sleep habits is something that people do not pay a lot of attention to, but it is incredibly important for good health.

3. Eat less and eat naturally – The saying ‘A body is made in the kitchen’ is certainly true. Eating properly is a major part of the battle when it comes to losing weight. Buying your food from the outer edges of the supermarket (fresh produce and meat if you eat it, and cutting down on processed food) is only going to benefit your health.

4. Three to five hours of exercise per week – The Trim for Life program doesn’t recommend heavy exercise, meaning that it suits the majority of people from all age demographics. The program recommends taking 10, 000 steps per day, and participating in three and five hours of exercise per week. Exercise is incredibly important, especially when it comes to staving off issues like osteoporosis.

5. Happiness – Happiness and contentment is so integral to our mental health. Exercise, eating good (natural) food, and drinking lots of water are only going to improve your mood.


Myself, my gorgeous cousin, and Nutritionist/Dietician Arabella Forge

We were also able to have a great chat to Nutritionist and Dietician Arabella Forge. I was very interested to talk to her from a teacher point of view, finding out how I can best involve my students in making positive choices about their nutritional health. Her suggestions included getting the kids involved in growing, harvesting and cooking their own food. Luckily, these things are included in plans that we have made for the coming term and I can’t wait to try some ideas. Arabella was very knowledgeable and passionate about her work. She became involved in the program after her agent (who she shares with co-founder Geoff) approached her and asked her to come on board. It is clearly something that she believes in, evidenced by the fact that she has put her name behind it.


We also nabbed a quick picture with Kris who was lovely. It’s always nice to chat to a fellow Manchester United fan! My Dad is Mancunian, and I could listen to the accent all day.


All the fresh produce decorating the room made us peckish, and we enjoyed a quick lunch at The Grounds of Alexandria next door afterwards. A child-free cousin get together is always welcome!

In the coming weeks I will be trialling the Trim for Life app (there are meal plans for both omnivores and vegetarians). If you are interested in giving it a go it can be downloaded through the Apple and Google Play app stores. I’m looking forward to getting my good eating habits back on track after Easter and the school holidays, and will definitely share my progress with you. It will be interesting to try something new, when I am used to tracking points and calories through programs like Weight Watchers and My Fitness Pal.

Thanks to Thrive PR and Trim for Life for having me – it was an informative morning and I can’t wait to test out the program.

Would you try a life style app like Trim for Life? What are your top health tips?


2 thoughts on “Trim For Life Launch

  1. We are so attached to our phones etc now that it makes sense to have it in an app. As much as we (and this is a big dig at myself when I say this) a quick fix, really it boils down to eating some good quality food in reasonable quantities and moving. Easy to say but hard to do consistently – the excuses are easy to find!

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