Taking an Outfit from Day to Night

A reader recently requested some help – I would love some tips on how to take an outfit from school drop off to dinner. What are some outfits I can change minimally to wear from day to night?

With a few key pieces, it is easy to mix and match your wardrobe and take an outfit from the school yard to dinner or drinks. The majority of us are time poor, so even if you don’t have children, these outfits would suit a quick change in the office as well.

The main priority for me during the school run is comfort. During Winter this means jeans, a long sleeved tee and a jacket. I often add a scarf as the mornings are quite chilly. I keep accessories simple, and shoes flat. Boots, a dressier jacket and different accessories will see you taking an outfit from day to night.

The first outfit uses black pants as one of the staple items. They are a must-have piece in any Winter wardrobe. For the day time look I have added a plain black t-shirt and a relaxed waterfall jacket. Flat loafer shoes and a simple knitted snood scarf finish off the look. To adjust the outfit for night time, swap the loafers for heeled knee high boots, and the waterfall jacket for a structured blazer. You can keep the snood as an addition to the night time outfit. The texture on the snood and blazer will add interest to the outfit, even though it is predominantly black.

Day to Night Outfit One

1. Target Scoop Neck Tee – $9 | 2. Sussan Classic High Low Top – $49.95 | 3. Forever New Waterfall Jacket – $129.99 | 4. Target Ponte Leg Pants – $45 | 5. Forever New Shae Panel Blazer – $99.99 |             6. Forever New Callie Knitted Snood – $29.99 | 7. Target Suki Loafer – $35 | 8. Diana Ferrari Fairbanks Boots – $167.97 (on sale)

The day time look would use pieces 1, 3, 4, 6 and 7. For night time, try pieces 1, 2 (for extra warmth), 4, 5, 6 and 8. It would be a polished outfit, and could be dressed up further with some statement jewellery.

This is a much more casual look compared to the first. It would be great to wear to the movies, or to a Winter BBQ with friends. I love the look of a Breton stripe with khaki, and have my eye on both the jacket and pants. A long statement necklace like The Eva would look great against the stripes of the top. You could even wear it during the day with the khaki jacket and a black top. The wedge bootie still adds a casual vibe, but the heel definitely dresses it up.

Day to Night Outfit Two

1. Jeans West Gia PU Trim Jacket – $119.00 | 2. Jeans West Claire Quilt Yoke Stripe Tee – $39.99 |        3. Sussan Winter Coat Nutmeg – $299.95 | 4. Jeans West Super Skinny Jeans – $79.99 | 5. Long Tall Sally Straight Jeans – $83 | 6. Target Jam Ankle Boot – $45 | 7. The Adorn Collective The Eva – $70 | 8. Betts Livingston Bootie – $89.99

I would wear pieces 1, 2, 4 and 6 together during the day, with pieces 2, 3, 5, 7 and 8 lending itself to a night time look.

Outfits for the school run or casual workplace do not need to be boring, and definitely don’t need to restrict where you go after work. With a few key pieces, taking an outfit from day to night really is easy.

Do you have a favourite day to night outfit? What are your tips for taking an outfit from day to night?


2 thoughts on “Taking an Outfit from Day to Night

  1. I wish I was good at this! If I do it, it generally just ends up being heels and maybe some extra sparkle in accessories or a clutch or something. Though going out anywhere that requires “dressing up” is a bit of a treat so I like to make the most of it. In saying that I wear corporate casual to work so it is quite easy to just wear the same thing if I do go somewhere straight from work.

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