Creating a Sitting Space – An Update


Back in November I wrote this post about creating a sitting space in your home. We had a blank piece of space off our kitchen, and wanted to make a place where people could sit to chat or have a casual coffee. Our brother-in-law built the bench seat for our Christmas present, and surprised us by installing it when we were camping in January. The seat is fantastic – it adds loads of extra storage where we can hide the rabbit’s food and the kids’ craft supplies. While it doesn’t show up so well in the photo, the white sections on the top and bottom have wood panelling, which adds the country look I was trying to achieve.

We had planned to add two wingback chairs to the space as well, but once the bench seat was installed we realised that they would make the space looked very cramped. In the end we decided to purchase one chair, which is now in the lounge room (and very cozy!).

I went on the search for the perfect round coffee table. All the usual furniture shops I visit drew blanks, along with antique shops. Eventually, I stumbled on this table in a homewares shop in the Southern Highlands. The best thing was that it was only $90 – a massive bargain! We had a few dramas bringing it home as it wouldn’t fit in two cars that we tried. The kava bowl was purchased on one of our trips to Fiji, and I filled it with shells. The kids love to pick them up to listen to the sea.

The rug is from Kmart’s updated homewares collection. They have some fantastic pieces, at very affordable prices. The scallop rug is $29 and I ended up cashing in my FlyBuys points to buy it. Apparently it can be thrown in the washing machine which is a fantastic bonus with two small children.

The cushions are the reason why I haven’t shared this space before now – I was waiting on covers to arrive. The Dalmatian cushion is from Fantastic Furniture – I had two Dalmatians as a child and still have a soft spot for them. The other cushion covers were from eBay. I received some PayPal vouchers and ended up finding some great covers in matching colours that complimented the rug.

This spot has become a favourite for most members of our family – the kids love to curl up on the cushions, and I think it’s a nice place to stretch out with a book. I’m definitely happy with the way it has come together, and that we’re finally using the space effectively.

Have you completed any home projects at your place lately? I would love to hear about them!


6 thoughts on “Creating a Sitting Space – An Update

  1. I love love love that table – what a great find!! I think your space looks great. I agree Kmart have upped their game with home wares – there are so many cool things in there. Perhaps if you wanted a little something else – those pouf things they have a great and so much cheaper than anywhere else. Though feel free to ignore that suggestion. I am always just “adding one more thing” and then it can look too much as well. We have just finished our dining table and I have to say I am totally in love. I don’t know how to attach a photo here so I will send it via IG.

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