Winter Clothes for a Post-Baby Body

Reader TJ is expecting a baby very soon (congratulations!), and reached out asking if I could help her find some Winter clothes for a post-baby body. Luckily, this Winter’s trends are very friendly to the post-baby body.


Winter Tops for a Post-Baby Body

1. Alessi Swing Around Knit – $79.95 | 2. Forever New Jacquie Colour Block Cape – $49.99 | 3. Jeans West Kendra Drape Jacket – $59.99 | 4. Big W Emerson Chambray Shirt – $20 | 5. Sussan Curved Hem Longline Pullover – $79.95 | 6. Jeans West Juliette Godet Top – $39.99 | 7. Sussan Textured High Low Woven Top – $79.95

– Capes, wraps and chunky knits are everywhere. In addition to keeping you warm, capes and wraps are also handy to use as breastfeeding covers. Most chain stores have fantastic options, and you don’t need to spend a fortune.

– Longer line tops that are draped at the front will also hide a bit of a tummy, but not make you look like you are still pregnant (unlike baby-doll style tops). Choosing draped tops should help you avoid those awkward ‘When are you due?’ questions if you’re not with your baby.

– Choose tops in dark colours, or with patterns. These will help to hide areas that you are not happy with.

– Chambray shirts are still firmly in style, and cotton tartan shirts have joined them this season. Being button down, they are perfect for breastfeeding. They are also loose and can be worn open with a t-shirt underneath, or buttoned.


Post Baby Body Pants

1. Wish Gringo Pants – $129.95 | 2. Jeans West Tummy Trimmer Jeans – $69.99 | 3. Orientique Slim Leg Bengalene Pant – $69.00 | 4. Target Pull On Ponte Treggings – $35

– While you may be well and truly sick of elasticised waist pants by the end of your pregnancy, they are still a great option. Try a long line top or knit on the top (with option three), or tuck a loose fitting shirt in to style them (like option one).

– Try ponte. Ponte is a thick fabric that possesses special ‘suck ’em in’ qualities. Choose a higher waisted pair to avoid a muffin top, and wear them with a cape or chunky knit. Remember to choose a top long top for modesty. Sonia from Sonia Styling recently wrote a great post about rules when wearing leggings that you can see here.

– Choose the tummy trimmer option. The jeans featured above from Jeans West are from their tummy trimmer line. They feature an elasticised panel around the stomach area, and also have a higher waist to flatter you and create a waist line. While you may take a while to fit back into your pre-pregnancy jeans, these are a great option in the mean time.

TJ, I hope these options help you choose a post-baby wardrobe that can then integrate into your normal one. I didn’t want to buy many new clothes while I was still at that in-between stage, but it still nice to buy a few new things, especially if you’re adapting clothing for breastfeeding. Best of luck with the new bub!

What Winter clothes would you wear for a post-baby body? What’s featuring in your Winter wardrobe this year, regardless of babies?


8 thoughts on “Winter Clothes for a Post-Baby Body

  1. Thanks so much Sarah! These are great! I think it’s worth buying a few new pieces to feel comfortable in my skin but you’ve also given me some great ideas n how to repurpose items I already have (like a chambray shirt!) x

  2. I am not supposed to be shopping – too many bills and things to pay for over the next month but I really need to find a way to sneaky purchase that Forever New cape. I love it!! Whilst I haven’t had to deal with post baby dressing I think your suggestions look lovely!

  3. Well I’m a long way post baby (my youngest is 7!) but these are great for anyone with a tummy (ME!) and especially with a first-day-of-your-period-tender-tummy (me today!) Thank you!

  4. My youngest is nearly four, and I still elect to wear longer length tops to hide that bit of baby belly that is still hanging around.

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