Healthy School Snacks

Finding healthy school snacks that are dairy free can sometimes feel like a chore. Milk is hidden in so many products, and it frustrates the kids more than anything, as it really limits what they can eat. I decided to do a cook up before going back to school this term so there were plenty of delicious, easy to grab snacks on hand.


My Mum and Dad bought me a fantastic cook book for Easter called Baking Day by the Women’s Weekly. It has retro-style cake, biscuit and bun recipes that can be adapted to many tastes and dietary requirements. It’s sister book with full retro meals is also fantastic, and I’ve bought it for several friends.  The recipes from the Baking Day book claim to be triple tested, so even the baking novice over here can’t mess the recipes up!

I decided to try two snacks – some savoury muffins and an apricot and choc-chip slice. Both were delicious and I will definitely be making them again. Next time, I will try a vegetarian version of the muffins with sun dried tomatoes so I can enjoy them as well.

My baking variations

– I used Nuttelex instead of butter, and rice milk instead of cow’s milk to make each recipe dairy free.

– I also used dairy free chocolate on top of the slice instead of milk chocolate.

– I found that popping the slice in an air tight container in the fridge helped it to stay together, as it was a little bit crumbly.

– To make the muffins super easy to transfer from freezer to lunch box (via the microwave), I popped the mixture into patty pans before baking.

Bacon and Fresh Herb Muffins

Bacon and Herb Muffins

Apricot and Choc-Chip Muesli Bars

Apricot Choc-Chip Muesli Bars

Next up, I think I might try one of the afternoon tea cakes, or some neenish tarts… The book is gorgeous to look through, with lots of retro pictures and small DIY projects to add to your kitchen.

What are your go-to lunch box snacks?


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