Winter Active Wear

Am I the only one who finds getting up early to exercise in Winter hard going? It’s chilly, bed is warm and a few more minutes dozing seems to be a better option than sweating it out in the gym, or pounding the cold pavements. Many of us may also play the role of sports Mum (AFL here) or wife (soccer!), sitting on the sidelines supporting our loved ones in addition to playing and exercising ourselves. Early mornings or cool afternoons call for warm, comfortable clothing that is easy to move around in. Cropped and singlet tops, and little running shorts will no longer cut the mustard in the outfit stakes in this cooler weather. Just because we’re not choosing Summery options anymore doesn’t mean we have to dress in dreary prints or colours. It’s time to invest in some stylish Winter active wear.

Winter Active Wear

1. Running Bare All Weather Spray Jacket – $119.99 | 2. Liquido Active Power Hoodie – $63 | 3. Target T30 Zip Front Jacket – $55 | 4. Running Bare Warm Down Marathon Tee – $69.99 | 5. One Active Long Sleeve Burnout Top – $25 | 6. Orange Oranges Sleeveless Poncho – $65 | 7. Bonds Basic Trackpants – $34.95 | 8. Liquido Active Loose Leaves Leggings – $91 | 9. One Active Full Length Legging – $25

Three Winter Active Wear Essentials

1. A warm jacket

Top of my list for essential Winter active wear is a warm jacket. Whether you are working out outside, or simple dashing from the car to the gym, you need to be warm. I loved the Running Bare jacket (number one) – in addition to being warm, it is also nice and bright which is very important if you’re working out early in the morning or after dusk. Cars need to be able to see you easily, and a white or lightly coloured jacket will make you much easier to spot. Running Bare have lots of choice when it comes to bright jackets, but I loved the pattern of this one. The Target jacket could also be used in a sports luxe outfit, or paired casually with jeans and Converse.

2. A comfortable top 

There is nothing worse than a top that rides up during exercise, especially when practicing yoga or pilates. I often layer a longer sleeved tee over a singlet during the cooler months. This way, I can always peel layers off, but don’t need to end up too hot during exercise. I love the sleeveless poncho from Orange Oranges – it would be easy to layer over a long sleeved tee, singlet, or to wear on its own.

3. Full length pants

Whether you choose track pants or full length leggings, they are a Winter active wear must buy. Track pants are perfect for low impact exercise like walking, whereas tighter fitting leggings should be worn for yoga or weights when you don’t want to be tangled in fabric. I have been following Liquido Active on Instagram for quite a while now and really love their brightly coloured clothing. The One Active leggings are perfect if you don’t want anything bright, and they’re also incredibly comfortable.

What do you like to wear during Winter workouts? Do you prefer bright or plain Winter active wear?


8 thoughts on “Winter Active Wear

  1. I love wearing lots of bright colours when I train and I normally gravitate to fluro pink and aqua to match my runners! I really need to invest in some full length leggings too so thanks for doing the leg work for me on this one! x

  2. I was looking for a light jacket with a hood to run if the weather gets a little wet. Gladly found one that not only can I wear, but share with the girls for when they go to camp! 🙂

  3. I walk early in the morning, most week days. It is now cold and dark, I walk alone and rarely see anyone**. Exercise clothes do not feature high in my priorities, but I do have 5 sets, as this works in with washing days. There is no name brand stuff in there, I don’t see the point. At this time of the year, I wear long tights, long sleeved tshirt and zip up polar fleece jumper. I have just bought the One Active tights and they are great!!

    ** This gives me the luxury of not doing my hair or brushing my teeth. I am out the door within a few minutes of getting out of bed. And wake up properly 10 houses down the road!

    • Love your exercise style, Natalie! I’m the same when I work out at home – it’s great. I love looking at all the nice active wear in Lorna Jane etc but I can’t bear to pay more than I spend on normal clothes. One Active stuff is great.

  4. I like bright tops and plain bottoms all year round but after seeing Nikki from Styling You’s Thailand photos – I am starting to get on board with the patterned pants. I am terrible at layering in day to day life but I remember turning up to run squad one winter’s morning with a singlet, short sleeve top, long sleeve top, a light jacket and a heavier jacket. Imagine if I lived somewhere cold 🙂

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