How to Define Your Eye Brows

When I had my make up done last year, the make up artist asked if I took care of my own brows. Yes, was the answer. My Mum taught me how to pluck my brows when I was about 12 or 13. This was pre-waxing revolution, and I tried to follow their natural shape and only pluck from the bottom. Unfortunately, the thin brow craze got the better of me at about 15, and after plucking from the top and bottom they were a bit of a mess. The only time I have had them waxed was prior to my wedding, but I hated having to grow them out to a length where the wax could be applied. The make up artist suggested that I grow my brows in a little, which I have been trying to do. Unfortunately, they have become a bit patchy over the years, due to all the over-plucking. Since August I have been trying to grow them in and they are looking a lot better, but they do still need some help.

I was wandering around in the chemist a few weeks ago and was browsing the Natio stand, as I tend to do every time I am in there! I had a pharmacy loyalty voucher to spend, and came across a brow kit. The make up artist had used something similar, so I decided to give it a go. It retails for $19.95, so it was a bargain when used with my voucher.

How to Define Your Eye Brows


Thankfully for this newbie to brow definition, there are full instructions on the back of the box. The kit comes with a double ended slanted brush, a round grooming brush and some tweezers.

Step One – I used the tweezers to clear up any stray hairs and shape my brows.

Step Two – The palette comes with two different coloured powders, which you can combine to make the perfect shade for you. I decided to try the lighter shade first and experiment. I’m glad I did this, as I think my natural brows are fairly dark anyway, and this shade was dark enough. It will be interesting to have a play with the colours next time I use the kit and see what kind of contrast I can create.

Step Three – Once you are happy with the colour, use the slanted brow brush to apply to brow wax. This will help to seal the colour so it won’t rub off during the day.

Step Four – Use the round grooming brush to smooth your brows into place.


The before and after photos show what a difference the brow kit makes. I need to work on my application – this is the first time I have played with it. I am looking forward to playing with the shape a bit more – I have one good brow, and one not so good!

I don’t know if I will incorporate brow definition into my every day look, but will use it when I’m going out at night or for a special occasion.

Do you define your brows? Are you a plucker or a waxer? What’s a new make up product you’ve been trialling lately?



3 thoughts on “How to Define Your Eye Brows

  1. I have the fairest blond eyebrow hairs you have ever seen – plucking them is a nightmare and hence I have always got them waxed. I now also tint them because I have an eyebow lady. She is amazing!! I didn’t realise how much a difference good eyebrows made until she sorted them out. In between appointments I sometimes fill them in with a pencil but that’s about it. Looks like you have nailed it Sarah!

  2. That looks amazing and I must see if we don’t have a similar product here. My eyebrows are completely over plucked to the point of having 2 thin lines, and have not had eyebrows to pluck since my early twenties, except a few stray unibrow hairs. Plucking my eyebrows became such a form of relaxation when I was a teenager. I would lie on my bed and just pluck away, it was actually a very bad habit. Now I regret it, but it was a habit I could not stop.

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