Six Reasons to Try DailyBurn

I have decided to cancel my gym membership. Normally this is seen as a bad thing – far from it in my situation. Truth be told, I have been cheating on my gym since earlier this year, when I signed up with subscription exercise program DailyBurn (which I first wrote about here).

DailyBurn offers a range of exercise programs that suit everyone – from the beginner to the fitness junkie. I love the variety of trainers too, as there really is someone for everyone. While at-home exercise may not suit everybody, I wanted to outline my reasons for ditching my gym and signing up with DailyBurn.


Six Reasons to Try Daily Burn

Flexibility – One of the reasons why the gym was getting me down was the fact that I had to fit in with other people’s schedules. I could really only exercise in the afternoon or evening, when I was busy getting dinner ready, supervising homework and tired from the day. I am a morning exercise person – I love getting it out of the way first thing in the morning and feeling great all day because I have already exercised. A couple of times a week my husband would leave for work late so I could get to the gym, but in the end I was feeling more stressed than endorphin-filled after coming home to get everyone ready and out the door.

DailyBurn lets me exercise any time, any where. I love rolling out of bed, dressing in my exercise gear and going into the lounge room to work out. It also means that I can be there when the kids wake up – they often join in. It is a lot less stressful, and I feel the full effect of endorphins which is really important for me.

Cost – My gym membership was costing around $60 a month. I was paying for a pool that I never used, and classes that I wasn’t going to anymore. DailyBurn costs about $20 AUD (depending on the exchange rate). If you want to include a personal coach who is contactable in real time, it’s another $15 per month on top. Even with your own coach, it’s cheaper than the gym per month.

Variety – The gym offers multiple machines and around four different classes. DailyBurn offers 18 programs with multiple workouts in each. You can try anything from Pilates to cross fit style workouts, from tabata to yoga, from karate to dance. Depending on your mood, fitness level and ability there is something for you. I love that I can still get a good workout no matter how I am feeling. If it’s a low energy day, Pilates still offers a challenge but allows me to lay on the floor while working out, which is always a winner! New programs are being added all the time – I can’t wait for the Core Flow 2 Pilates series.

Experienced Trainers – While the gym did offer good personal trainers, they were always busy and it was hard to get to an appointment to go through a program. When you sign up for DailyBurn, you get to choose the type of trainer that will suit you. I don’t do well with being yelled at, so I chose someone who would be friendly, but still challenging. The program offers a wide variety of trainers, including Bob from The Biggest Loser. They’re all incredibly experienced, with many working at health clubs in LA as well as filming for DailyBurn. Living all the way in Sydney, the chance of me being able to attend their classes is obviously very slim, so it’s a great way to access world class trainers for a small fee. A lot of emphasis is placed on correct form. While you are not being checked in person by a trainer, they describe exactly how your body should be placed during different exercises so you do not hurt yourself.


Fun – I never thought I would be one to enjoy exercise classes. I’m not the most coordinated person in the world, so I tended to shy away from group fitness classes because I was nervous I would make a fool of myself. The program I use most on DailyBurn is Cardio Sculpt, a mix of cardio and strength training that actually makes me smile (according to one of the trainers, Judi, smiling actually burns more calories). Because I’m not afraid of looking silly in front of others (other than my kids!) I can concentrate on the workout and improving my fitness and form.

Basic Equipment – You do not need expensive equipment to join in the workouts – if you’re a beginner you don’t actually need anything. After working out with DailyBurn for a few weeks I invested in some hand weights and a medicine ball to go with the exercise mat I already owned. Both sets of weights cost $20 at a local sports warehouse. Now that I am withdrawing from my gym membership, I will buy some heavier weights when I am ready for an extra challenge. All you need to start is a computer, smart phone or tablet. The app is super easy to use, and if you prefer a bigger screen you can run it through Apple TV or similar.


Low Fitness? No Worries – One of the series of exercises on DailyBurn is True Beginner. The trainer, Justin, has used real people with incredibly real bodies who are just starting out on their exercise journeys to help him bring you the workouts. All exercises have modifications available, with both a less or more complicated version. This means that, injuries aside, every exercise can be attempted. Once you reach a higher level of fitness you will be able to challenge yourself and try more complicated exercises.

If you would like to try DailyBurn you can visit their website here to receive a month’s free trial. I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

Have you tried any at home exercise programs? What’s your favourite way to work out?

* This post is not sponsored by DailyBurn. I just love the program, and want to share that love!


7 thoughts on “Six Reasons to Try DailyBurn

  1. Sounds like a great app. I have being doing some exercise at home and on my own (my OH is a personal trainer and we have a whole gym set up at home) but I am starting to miss the social interaction of my gym buddies. I know that is not the case at every gym but mine is really good like that … I think I am just about to take the plunge and get myself back there.

  2. This sounds like a really good option! I too quit the gym and have been struggling to find my groove (and let’s be honest, self-discipline) to exercise at home. Plus, now with the weather turning very wintery, I’m even less likely to get outside. I’ll definitely be giving the free month’s trial a go!

  3. Sarah you’ve inspired me, I’m going to give their free month trial a go and decide from there, as to whether I sign up. The fact that I LOVE pilates, and they have pilates classes, makes it very appealing. 🙂

  4. I was about to join the gym again because I’m finding it hard to find the motivation to exercise at home but was also not keen on paying the gym membership at close to $80 a month. I’m going to give the free trial a go!

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