Eight of the Best Vegan Handbags

Vegan Handbags


Are you looking for a new handbag? If you are, and even if you’re not vegan or vegetarian, you could consider a vegan bag. They are made from leather alternatives, and in many cases from ethically sourced or sustainable materials. I have decided that my next bag will be a vegan one, as I am tired of buying numerous cheap bags that break after a few months of use. There are a few brands that carry fashion forward designs at a variety of price points. Today I am bringing you eight of the best vegan handbags.

Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat stands for Mat(t)erial and Nat(ure). The Canadian brand was born in 1995, and encourages it’s customers to ‘live beautifully’. Since it’s inception in 1997, Matt & Nat committed to use only cruelty free, non-animal based materials to create their products. They have experimented with a variety of recyclables to make their bags, and now make their linings from repurposed plastic bags. I love that they’re not only made from vegan textiles, but also from sustainable material.

You can purchase Matt & Nat bags from their website here, or from Australian companies Orange Oranges and The Cruelty Free Shop.

Bag 1 – Matt & Nat Baxter – $189.95 AUD

Bag 7 – Matt & Nat Tardy – $195 AUD

Bag 8 – Matt & Nat Peltola – $219.95 AUD


Gunas is a high fashion brand that creates completely cruelty and sweatshop free products. In 2012, the brand was named the best handbag brand in the categories of ethics and cruelty-free at the Ethical Fashion Forum in London. Gunas was founded in New York, and now has ethical manufacturers in India, Mexico, Brazil, Hong Kong and South Korea. The brand’s designs are fashion forward, and definitely up there with other offerings on the run way. The best thing is, they didn’t hurt any people or animals to get there.

Bag 2 – Gunas Flamingo Structured Purse (via Vegan Chic) – $149 US

Bag 3 – Gunas Cottontail (via Vegan Style) – $205 AUD

Bag 6 – Gunas Madison – $129 US

Free People

Free People has been in the fashion market place since the 1970’s. They carry a huge range of clothing and accessories through their stores and wholesalers world wide, including a great range of vegan bags. While they don’t have any physical stores in Australia, you can shop online at their website here.

Bag 4 – Bleeker Bucket Bag – $84.53 AUD

Bag 5 – Classic Vegan Cross Body – $72.10 AUD

There are so many great alternatives to main stream products hitting the market place. You don’t have to be a non-meat eater to choose sustainable fashion – every little decision can help.

Do you own any vegan products? Would you buy a vegan bag? Which is your favourite?



6 thoughts on “Eight of the Best Vegan Handbags

  1. Yeah I’ve got a vegan leather skirt. Actually I just think they’re you know, PU? Would love to find out what the ones deemed to be vegan are actually made out of because the skirt I have is not really like the usual PU fabric as it’s soft, and comfortable and doesn’t smell like the cheap PU material.

    • I think it’s easy for people to say if it’s not made out of leather then it’s vegan. The Matt & Nat and Gunas bags are actually made from sustainable/ethically sourced materials as well, so I think they would be the best choices 🙂

  2. Ooh, I love bag four! I don’t own any vegan clothing (or bags) but definitely something to consider next time I make a bag purchase. I’m trying to be a little more conscious towards sustainable/ethically sourced products so this post is very timely 🙂

  3. I love them all but number 6 caught my eye! Stunning bags. I’ll be saving these designers for future reference thank you for posting!
    I think the interesting thing about products being Vegan as opposed to just a synthetic leather is that the glues and associated products are also not animal based, they are also not using products that are sourced from other companies that don’t hold the same values. All super important in my opinion!

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