Autumn Beauty Buys

Do you change your beauty routine in the cooler months? My skin care routine remains very much the same, but I definitely change up a few things to account for dryer skin. I wanted to share a few of my Autumn Beauty Buys – products that I have been trying lately, and some of my long time loves.

De Lorenzo Novafusion Colour Care Shampoo


I have been using De Lorenzo Novafusion Colour Shampoo since Christmas time on the advice of my hair dresser. She had used ash tones in my hair to try to hide the greys, and told me this was the best way to stop the colour turning yellow and brassy. You can use the shampoo in a few different ways – on it’s own once a week, or mixed with a normal shampoo each time you wash your hair. I find that mixing it with your regular shampoo gives a nice kick of colour, but stops the hair from feeling greasy once it has been styled. There is also a conditioner available, but I haven’t tried it as yet.

De Lorenzo are an Australian brand who make fantastic products. They do not use animal derived ingredients (or test on animals), or petrochemicals. Most of their range is also grey water safe and SLS and paraben free, making it the perfect choice for your hair. You can find their range at all good salons, and stores like Price Attack.

A Bit Hippy Tanned, Not Toasted Gradual Moisturiser*


I will admit, that as a very pale-skinned girl, I have never used a self tanner or had a spray tan. I know other people swear by them, but I have always been too terrified that I will end up looking like an Oompa Loompa. When A Bit Hippy, a company from Burleigh Heads in Queensland, contacted me and asked if I wanted to try their Tanned, Not Toasted gradual moisturiser I have to admit I was a bit sceptical. I was assured that I would fall in love with it, so decided to give it a try. Following the instructions on the bottle, I exfoliated my legs and then rubbed the cream in as if it was a regular moisturiser. I let the cream sink in and then dressed so it would not come off on my clothes. Over the period of three hours after one application, the cream did develop to give me a bit of a golden glow. This would only increase if I used it on successive days, until I found a colour I was happy with. Perfect for Winter time when pasty legs are usually hidden behind tights and pants.

The range from A Bit Hippy offers something for the whole family, from hair care to deodorant to nappy cream and anti-aging moisturiser (which I have also tried and really liked). They have also just announced that they will be soon be carrying lipsticks in four vibrant shades. The owners aren’t hippies, their proud of their hippy tendencies. Their products are made with natural ingredients, and they try to minimise their impact on the environment during their production process.

Palmer’s Foot Magic


 You can tell that this is a well-loved tube! It’s a Winter saviour for my skin. It’s marketed as a foot cream, but my hands have been so dry lately that I have been applying it at night time. I suffer from eczema which flares up in colder weather and I need thick cream to avoid cracks in my skin. It is quite a greasy formula, so I wouldn’t recommend using it on incredibly expensive bed sheets without gloves or socks for protection.

Palmer’s products are available from all good pharmacies and department stores.



Waxaway products are at home waxing products that are made by Australia’s leading professional wax manufacturer. I have never been a big waxer, preferring other hair removal methods. I used to use wax strips to de-hair my upper lip, but have recently been using depilatory cream. It’s good, but the hair free feeling just doesn’t last long enough. Waxaway kindly sent me some products to try, including the Precision Wax Wand which is made especially for eyebrow, upper lip and chin waxing. I much preferred using this to using traditional strips as you could precisely target the areas you wanted to wax, and then apply the strip. It was a cool morning when I tried it, but the wax came out of the tube easily once I rolled it between my palms a few times. The wax did it’s job, save for a few stray hairs which I was able to pluck out. I wiped away the excess wax with the provided towelette, and then applied the After Care lotion which was lovely. Made from mango and witch hazel, it smelled divine and had a cooling effect on my sore skin. I pumped out a little too much, which I then used on the rest of my face. Even if you’re not planning to wax, this cream could double as a beautifully thick moisturiser. It will be a skin saviour in the cooler weather!

Hot Couture by Givenchy


Do you have a fragrance that you wear every day? This scent has been my favourite since 2002 when I smelt my cousin wearing it on our trip to the UK. I wore it on our wedding day, and it always reminds me of that happy occasion. For a while, Givenchy stopped producing it and I managed to track down tiny sample bottles on eBay which I saved for special occasions. Happily, I went looking last Christmas and found it was being stocked in a few perfume shops and I requested the biggest bottle! It’s a beautiful, subtle scent that is quite sweet and hopefully it will be one I can wear for quite a few years to come.

* These items were sent to me for review.

 What are your Autumn beauty essentials? Do you have a signature scent?


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