How to Stay Cool in Summer


It’s going to be hot in Sydney today – 39 degrees, and windy. It sent me scrambling to my wardrobe this morning looking for my lightest dress and most comfortable outfit for the heat. I thought now would be a good time to share some tips to help you know how to stay cool in Summer, but still look your best.


In the really warm weather I favour a light dress made of natural fabric, like cotton. It breathes well, and keeps me cool. The dress above is from Peter Morrisey’s Woman collection at Big W. I have had it for a few years now, and it’s always my go-to outfit on a really warm day. Light shorts and a singlet top are also Summer staples, and perfect on a breezy day. Again, try and purchase clothes in natural fabrics as they will allow your skin to breath and won’t make you as hot.



Accessories can add a lot of interest to a plain outfit. I normally wear the dress without a belt, but thought I would try one and define my waist a little. I chose to add a tan belt for a summery vibe, but I think this dress would also look cute with red shoes and a matching belt. I switched my black handbag for a lighter tan one, as I didn’t want to be lugging a heavy hold-all in the heat. Sandals are also a must have on a hot day – the last thing you want to be wearing outside are enclosed shoes. I think I will be putting some tan sandals on my Christmas list, and they would definitely complete the outfit. If you can’t avoid wearing closed in shoes for work, try to give each pair a rest day in between wear to let them dry out and air. A light, colourful necklace or some studded earrings would also add to the outfit. Don’t forget a Summer hat – either a cute fedora or sun safe wide brimmed hat would be good choices.


I am normally a very low maintenance hair person as it is, so a hot day is no exception! I don’t like hair on the back of my neck when it’s warm, so a pony tail is the most logical choice. Twisting the hair on one side into the pony, adding a plait or braid, or sliding in a pretty clip will make a regular pony tail a little less boring. If your hair is long enough you could try a bun – sock buns are still everywhere at the moment, and messy buns are made to be beach ready.


The last thing you feel like in the heat is having to wear a full face of makeup. During Summer, I prefer to stick with a light day cream, my BB cream for a bit of colour and cover up, some mascara and some lip gloss. This way I still feel as though I look presentable, but without make up sliding down my face. A bright polish on your fingers and toes can bring some colour to your look, and you have the confidence of knowing it won’t go anywhere. It’s always good to remember a sun screen in SPF 30+ to ensure your skin is safe. I make sure my BB cream has sun protection in it also, but always try to have proper sun screen on hand.

Other Summer Tips

* Make sure you drink plenty of water to rehydrate, especially if you are spending time outdoors.

* Seek out shade, and if that’s not possible make sure you are wearing sun screen and sun smart clothing.

* Try making a cool Summer salad, or snack on fruit straight from the fridge. Of course, nothing beats the heat like an ice cream or sorbet!