Beauty Unearthed – My Clear Skin Quest


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It’s time for a beauty confession – I have never had a proper skin care routine. I’ve never been one to have facials, or visit beauticians and the products I use generally come from the supermarket. You could say that I’ve been a lazy skin carer. Now that I am pushing 30 and discovering new ‘laugh lines’, I have decided that I should be more proactive in protecting the skin on my face. This includes making a conscious effort to take make up off at night, moisturising, exfoliating, and wearing SPF cream each day. 

As a teenager, I generally had good skin and was lucky to get away with Clean and Clear wash occasionally to try and rid myself of the pesky pimples that would appear on my chin. Having skin that is on the drier side, I found that most of these washes would have a negative effect, drying it out even more. Lately, whiteheads, along with the occasional pimple or blackhead are the hardest problem to shift. As much as squeezing them is satisfying, I don’t want to scar or damage my skin.

Having dabbled in different cleansers, toners and moisturisers, I decided to do some research into what types of lotions and potions I should be using to make my face the best it can be.

What should be the first step in treating my skin?

Auckland Dermatology believe that your skin care routine should consist of three steps – cleanse, treat and protect. This is a slight differentiation from the cleanse, tone and moisturise that we’ve been told for years. The dermatology clinic believe that your cleanser should be a water-soluble and soap free solution that can be rinsed off. I have only ever tried a combined cleanser and toner, so I am looking forward to experimenting with some cleansers until I find the right one for my skin. My cleansing effort lately has been to lazily wipe a baby wipe across my face to take off my BB Cream and mascara – a big no-no according to my sources!  They believe that while toning can be worthwhile, often it only clears off makeup and then dries out skin.

Then for step two… Treat

Do you have any skin complaints that you need to treat? This could range from dry skin to acne to white and black heads. If it is a specific issue, it is best to check with your doctor or dermatologist. There are many at-home remedies for pimple prevention – toothpaste, rubbing alcohol, any manner of things to try and dry out the spot. If acne is a problem, your GP will have the best solutions for your skin.

Step three – Use some protection

Protection of the SPF variety, of course! The Australian sun is so harsh, the best protection we can offer our skin is to wear a day cream with SPF every day, even when it is cloudy. Ensure that your sunscreen contains both UVA and UVB for full coverage, and that it is oil-free. The brand Sun Sense was recommended to me by a paediatrician for my children, so I know that if it is gentle enough for their sensitive skin, it is gentle enough for mine. It rubs in well, and doesn’t feel greasy like some sunscreens. It’s available from all good pharmacies. For everyday use on my face, I buy BB Creams and tinted moisturisers that have SPF added. 

I am looking forward to doing some more research into skin routines, and trying some new products to see what suits my skin best. Perhaps a trip to a beautician or skin specialist will be in order? My next quest will be to clean out my crowded bathroom cabinet to throw out the old, and make way for the new.

Do you have a skin routine? What products do you use to protect your face?

Do you visit a beautician?