Winter Warmers

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1. ASOS Zip Detail Mac 2. Country Road Military Jacket 3. Forever New Double Breasted Coat

4. Ben Sherman Melton Overcoat  5. Wayne Cooper Cape 6. Design Studio Trench

The weather has cooled down here in Sydney. The red and golden leaves have almost left the trees, and Winter has arrived with vengeance, almost as though a switch was flipped overnight. I am a July baby, and have always loved the cooler weather. The feeling of snuggling inside a warm coat, complete with scarf, gloves and hat is one I live for at this time of year. I get plenty of opportunity to do this, with the combination of playground duty on weekdays and sitting on the sidelines playing the dutiful soccer wife on weekends.  A good coat is a Winter essential, especially in the lower eastern states of Australia. I have several – a classic trench, black pea coat and casual duffle coat with a hood – that are all on high rotation.

Having several different coats means that you have more outfit options. Several of the new tops I bought this season are longer, which means I can’t wear them with my short pea coat. I also like having colour options, but keep my coats in colours like beige, caramel and black as they can be worn with more outfits. I would love to buy a red coat like the one above, though!

Coat Buying Tips

– There are many fabric options when choosing a coat, including cashmere, wool blends, and acrylics. Make sure you read the care instructions before you buy. If you’re like me, you will want something that is hard wearing and easy to care for.

– When trying on a coat or jacket, make sure that it fits you nicely on the shoulders and that you can easily move your arms. There is nothing worse than being restricted. Remember that you may be wearing several layers underneath, so allow for a bit of extra room.

– A good quality coat will last you for many seasons. I still have my first good Winter coat that I bought for an overseas trip over 10 years ago. If you are buying a piece with versatility and longevity in mind, neutral colours such as black or camel are best, in a classic style. You will get the most wear out of your jacket this way, as the style is less likely to date.

– If you’re in the market for a casual jacket, don’t discount surf and skate shops. Many surf brands also make ski wear, and you can pick up some great quality clothes for the cooler weather. My duffle coat is a surf brand, and is incredibly warm.

– If you’re not in a rush to buy a coat, consider waiting until the end of the season to pick up a bargain. Many stores will clear their Winter stock, and will heavily discount items. This is a good tip to remember if you are lucky enough to be heading to the Northern Hemisphere for their Winter. If you like shopping online, check out stores from the United Kingdom and United States that ship to Australia at the end of their Winter (the start of our Autumn) for big savings.

Do you have a work horse Winter coat? What features do you like in a coat or jacket? What kind of coat are you rocking this Winter?

The Wardrobe Re-Design Part One – Tops

With lots of excitement, and some procrastination, the time has come to start planning my new wardrobe. I’ve had other things requiring my more immediate attention, so have been doing lots of window shopping and filing ideas for later. I decided that I needed to knuckle down and do some serious sartorial research. My old wardrobe was a mish-mash of items like didn’t really gel. This time, I am determined for find items that work together and can be worn with a variety of items for a variety of occasions. I do like keeping clothes that are specifically for work, but being a mum five days out of seven means that I would like my wardrobe to be comfortable as well as stylish.

As I was perusing websites for inspiration, I found I was choosing similar styles (wraps, tunics, collars). This has definitely given me an idea of what I like. I would prefer to buy pieces that will last for more than one season, that I will be able to add to and alter with accessories. They’re from high street shops, with the exception of the Long Tall Sally item, which can be ordered online. Hopefully I will find some time this weekend to try some on and see how they look in person. As I’ve said before, pinning items to your Pinterest page is a great way to keep track of your lust-have garments. It will link to the item, and you can even add the price in the description for easy access. 

Below are some of the tops that I found. They range from purely casual, to smart casual options that I could wear to work. Prior to this re-design, the majority of my tops have been on the casual and plain side. I’m excited to have the opportunity to mix things up a bit!


Basic Scoop Tee – Target

First up is a basic scoop neck, long sleeved tee from Target. These come in a huge range of colours, and are fantastic during Winter for layering. They’re cheap too, but good quality, so you can afford to buy a few of your favourite colours! While I said I was steering away from the basic, these are so handy to have, and can add a pop of colour to a casual outfit.


Serena Tunic – Forever New

I’ve never experimented with tunic tops (other than maternity wear), and I’m looking forward to trying on this piece. It should pair nicely with leggings or opaque tights, and long boots. 


Knitted Wrap Top – Long Tall Sally

This would definitely be a top I could wear to work, or on the weekend. I love wrap tops – they’re a flattering cut on my body. Layer with a singlet for modesty, and wear with jeans or black pants.


Crepe Blouse – Dotti

Dotti have some really nice tops for Autumn and Winter. They have quite a wide range of t-shirts, knits and more tailored offerings. This blouse could be worn to work tucked into a pencil skirt, or out over a pair of pants. It comes in a wide range of colours.


Laney checked shirt – Forever New

Having Scottish heritage has resulted in me being a bit of a sucker for tartan. While I haven’t seen anything official on trends-to-watch lists, collared shirts with rolled up sleeves in tartan prints seem quite popular in high street stores. My favourite is the Laney from Forever New. I liked the colour, and could imagine wearing this on a trip to the park with some jeans and Converse. 


Sasha Shirt – Dotti

This second shirt from Dotti is one of my favourites. Again, it comes in a range of colours. I can imagine it could become a work wardrobe workhorse. I like the way it has been styled in the above picture, with the neck buttoned all the way and a statement necklace worn over the top. Something a little out of the ordinary, just as I am looking for.

I’m looking forward to trying on the tops I have shared, and hopefully some might even suit me. I will be sure to let you know!

in other news… This afternoon, I booked a session with a stylist. The best thing about this session is that it is free! Lots of local shopping centres offer this service – make sure you contact the service desk of your favourite, or have a look at their website. I will get an hour of her time, and I am hoping she will help me put together some stylish looks that suit my lifestyle. I will definitely blog about the experience, so keep an eye out in the next couple of weeks.

Do you have a favourite style of shirt? Are you open to trying new things, or do you know what suits you and stick to it?